Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Parade and Pictures

This party started late last night when a few aunts and lots of cousins camped out for the parade today.  A bunch more showed up this morning.

I was not one of the cool aunts who slept over :).

The pre-parade dance party was slow going at first...

Until Papa Tom said only the grand kids who dance get a Lagoon ticket tomorrow :).  

Everyone having fun except Lilly.

Love this guy!

Megan's alma mater.

There were a few naps after the parade and then we headed south for a BBQ at Rick and Mindy's.  Em made the kids these...

I missed the memo that we were taking family pictures so I looked REAL NICE in my t-shirt and ball cap and half my kids looked like rugrats.  Awesome.

Megan trying to pose everyone and no one is listening.

Only 3 of the 32 grand kids were missing.

Poor Korby.  Cried the entire time.