Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Last Day

The girls begged me to let them skip the last day of school today. I had a rough night with Lilly and I was too tired to care so I let them stay home.  They did have gifts for their teachers so we delivered them when school let out. 

(Gracie's doll Jade got a make-over when Gracie wasn't being bored)
Both Kloe and Gracie at different times during the day expressed their boredom. That didn't go over well with mom. After threatening to give them a job to do I didn't hear another word about it.

This is Gracie with Mrs. Sueoka.  
She is a wonderful teacher and my kids have been lucky to have her!
Kloe was being a stinker about letting me take her picture with her teacher and since I was still too tired to care I let her win that battle.

I had them clean out their backpacks for the 2nd time this year :)