Saturday, June 08, 2013

The First Performance

Today was a busy Saturday at the Beck house.
Mom and Dad cleaned out the garage (always a good time).

Estabon dug a deep hole for his basketball hoop and he and Dad mowed Estabon's lawns.

Later in the day Em and I grabbed our almonds and nutella and headed down to Orem where she and her group "The Edge" had their first official performance!

Lilly bug came too.

The Edge did a great job!  They played such fun music and everyone loved them!  My favorite songs they play are Ashokan Farewell, Danny Boy, Lover's Waltz and Millionaires Hoedown.  They also have an entire line-up of classical music to play for weddings.  It's been fun to see how far they've come since they started taking lessons together over 10 years ago!