Monday, June 10, 2013

Home Study

This would be the Sollis family writing Jackson letters last night at our Family Home Evening.  Estabon gave the lesson on how to prepare to be a Missionary.

This would be Janie passed out in the Walmart cart from having too much fun with her cousins.  

We had our home study today--the last step before getting our license to be foster parents.  For those who don't know what a home study is, this is how it went down... A licensing specialist came to the house and first asked me and Kevin tons of questions about our family, our marriage, our extended families, our parenting style, and about each of our kids.  Then she went through the house to make sure all meds and chemicals were locked up, that we had working smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, covers over the window wells, etc, basically making sure the house was safe.  We passed the inspection so everything is done on our end and it sounds like we should have our license pretty quick.  This has been an interesting process.  We have learned so much about the foster care system and foster kids.  A year ago I would have never guessed we'd be doing this.  After Baby Kevin died, despite the loss, I felt like our family was complete.  People still ask me if I'll be having another baby.  As much as I love having babies I think my child bearing years are over.  Then the idea of fostering a child came up last Fall and both Kevin and I have felt like we needed to pursue it, so here we are 7 months later, with no idea how this will play out but we are willing to do whatever God wants us to.

This is my friend Nancy with her husband PJ and their family.  
I didn't know much at all about fostering kids until I met her about 6 years ago.  10 of their 11 children were adopted through the foster care system.

Such a great family!