Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chinese and Fireworks

The Lotts visited Baby Kevin's grave today while they were up in Malad with Grandpa Moon.  The 4th of July is just around the corner and we have 2 fun traditions for the holiday!  Every other year we spend the 4th in Jackson Hole with Kevin's family and on the years we're not in Jackson we go to Malad for their "big" small town parade!  Next year Sluffin' it Outdoors will actually be IN the parade pulling our boat float!  My brother Rick and his family will be IN the parade too with their boat float!  Won't that be exciting!!  And then we'll try and convince Grandpa Moon, who has never been in a boat or on an airplane, to go out on the Malad Reservoir with us (he's SO afraid of water and flying).  Maybe now that he's in his 90's he'll go for it :).

Tonight we did some bonding with My brother Rick and his wife Mindy at the Bountiful Mandarin (not to be confused with our Logan Mandarin).  We discussed our Lilly and their Max (Max was once like Lilly but grew out of it so there's hope for Lilly), bed wetting, fishing, Lake Powell, the houseboat Rick wants to purchase at Lake Powell, Rick's addiction to Scheels, more fishing, how Rick uses all of Mindy's "decorate the new house" budget on fishing supplies (Mindy can thank Kevin for encouraging and feeding that new sport), and sprinkling systems.

The children spent the night at a pool/firework party at Aunt Tam's...

It's Taylorsville Dayzz.  Almost everyone we know in Taylorsville LOVES Taylorsville Dayzz.  Guess what?  The Beck family has never ever in the almost 8 years we've lived here, gone to Taylorsville Dayzz (all my Taylorsville friends are gasping right out loud as they read this).  We do love the firework show if that counts for anything.

This is the view from my porch...Tam's view from her balcony is 10 times better!

Kissy Samich--it's a Beck thing.