Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bubbles, Feet and Monsters

Today it was back to our regular routine. Lilly begged me to let her blow bubbles so we sat on the porch in the 100 degree heat blowing bubbles until Lilly decided it was much more fun to dump out the bubbles all over her dress and the porch.  I was secretly happy they were "all gone" and we could go back inside and out of the heat!  PS - she insisted on clipping that flower to her dress.  She is such a girl!!!! And later that night she insisted on wearing that same "pintest" dress to bed.

Kloe had her first pedicure today!  I found out her feet are SO ticklish!!!  A mother should know these things but with this many kids I miss quite a bit :).

It was girls night at the Drive Inn!  Estabon had already seen Monsters University and the husband said he'd rather sleep on the couch than in the back of the car.  We all loved the movie.  The double feature was Epic, it was a sleeper, literally.  All the girls passed out about 10 minutes into it.

Lilly bustin her move while we wait for the movie to start.  She's still a victim to the beat.