Monday, June 03, 2013

Missionary Monday - 6th Week in Michigan

Hello again,

Another mostly average week. Knocked on a lot of doors.

I didn't go fishing this morning, but we did go to the Mennanite place again. I still havve the yyips from thaat syrup.

Transfer calls were on Friday and word on the street was that President Hess had a bag full of Visas to hand out. On top of that, on my missionary page it changed my mission back from Michigan to Brazil, so I ended up letting myself get my hopes up. No Visa. Elder Baird got transferred to Freemont, Michigan. He leaves tomorrow and we will get a new member to the trio. His name is Elder Oler and we don't know anything about him. We had a pretty good thing going here. We had our own trinity, if you will.

We rode bikes a lot this week, and it rained a lot this week. I love riding bikes, and I love the rain, but not the two together. Its a new month though, so we have miles again. We rode our bikes to the Bohjanen's (Dean and Don) the other day and that was awesome. They wanted us to help them move some stuff, so we got to wear regular clothes. They live like 5 miles away and there is a bike path that pretty much leads right to it. Its paved super nice and shaded by trees. But we didn't find that out until we got there so we only used it to come back. It made me remember riding bikes in Jackson Hole. I definitely want to do more biking when I get home. A recumbant bike would be sweet too.

The mystery of Michigans obesity problem has been solved. They have these things called "elephant ears", which are basically giant scones with cinnamon and sugar. They are huge though. Like the size of a small pizza. And I mentioned before that the KFC was buffet style here. Turns out, almost every restaurant does a buffet. There is a Pizza Hut buffet and every Chinese restaurant is a buffet.

I am becoming more addicted to the scriptures every day. Would it be possible to get a pair of the new scriptures when they come out? I think they come out in August. I would like to start fresh with a marking system. Teenage Jackson had no idea what he was doing marking things.

I think that is about it for this week. Hopefully there will be a little more excitement in this next week. Thanks for everything.

Elder Beck

Pic #1 - ATM just chillin in one of the front yards we knocked on.
Pic #2 - Elephant ears
Pic#3 - One of Cecilia's puppies