Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Vacuuming and Buzzy's

Janie has recently been all about helping!
She kept busy this morning vacuuming and cleaning mirrors and windows.  She is SO happy when she's helping.  I'm going to have to remember to hand her the vacuum next time she starts into one of her fits.

Papa Tom called today to see if he could come over and start on our ceiling fan project!


(I'm thinking I need to add "update those white lights" to my project list)

Lilly with her Pintess Wand...she's obsessed with trying to swat the "buzzy's" (that's "flies" in Lilly speak).

Janie putting the "Wowers" (that's Gracie speak for weed flowers) into water.

I was SOOO nervous about having my Dad work on this ladder.  He's so high up!  I hate heights and can barely make it half way up before feeling uneasy.  My Dad however, is just the opposite.  He's perfectly comfortable on that thing.  He'll be back tomorrow to finish.  I helped him so I figure I get a pass today on my Spring Clearing :).