Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Edge

Em and the boys finally came up with a name for their band...The Edge
Catchy, isn't it.

The Edge had their first performance today in Morgan.  They performed for a birthday party at a Nursing Home.  They figured this would be a good place to start.  Not too much pressure.  The audience's favorite song was Danny Boy and they even asked for an encore :).  I told Emmy I wanted her to bring me here when I can no longer take care of myself.  It looked and smelled nice.  If Kevin has to be put in a home, this is the place for him--1 man for every 5 ladies.

Afterward we headed to one of my favorite restaurants, Taggarts Grill near Morgan.  Em went for the french dip and beer battered fries and I got the chicken cobb sandwich.  Both were amazing.  They have THE BEST desserts.  We love their carrot cake.  My brother Rob recommends the rib-eye with cheesy potatoes.

Word down south is that the slimers are biting and they knocked em dead night fishing.  Also, rumor has it there's a new Sluffin' it Outdoors episode in the works!