Thursday, May 09, 2013

Raspberry Dessert Birthday Cake!

Lilly got her first french braids today!  She was so excited and sat perfectly still.  She has noticed her sister's braids and wanted some too.

She even left them in until after her nap :)

We finished up the ceiling fan today!  It was a group effort.  Me, Janie and Papa Tom, but mostly Papa Tom.

I have had so many people check in with me this week to make sure I'm okay.  Even Gracie said last night, "Mom, how are you, I've been wondering how you're doing".  I was talking the other night about how I think people are expecting me to be really sad but I have felt so much peace this week and so much gratitude for all I've been blessed with this past year, especially my sweet angel baby and I've been really looking forward to celebrating his birthday.
I've KIT all week until today when those flowers (see above) were delivered from Kevin's family.  I wasn't expecting anything like that when I opened the door and I started to cry, it was such a thoughtful thing to do. And then later today I received a package from my sister Natalie.  It was a beautiful picture--I'll show it after  I have it framed.  I lost it again.  And then another sister Kimmy brought me one of her amazing lemon pies--I have gained a new appreciation for comfort food :).  Thanks to everyone who have prayed for and reached out to our family these past many months.  We are so blessed!


This fan did not disappoint!!
It cools the room down beautifully and the extra lighting is the best!
Thanks so much Dad and Costco (for the fan) and Amazon Prime (for the 4 foot down rod that came with free 2 day delivery :)!

The girls and I had a fun time at our church's Mother Daughter night.
(I guess I should clarify, the girls minus Lilly)
Emmy came too but had to leave early.  She has her English AP test in the morning.  Good Luck Emmyleetoe!
We made Mother's Day cards, bracelets, we got our nails done, and the girls got their hair braided.  They loved it!
I came home and made Baby Kevin's birthday cake.
I almost forgot about a cake!  
It hit me at dinner time tonight that I hadn't thought about a cake.  So we took a poll during dinner and decided Baby Kevin would probably like a Raspberry Dessert Cake the best.  We all LOVE Raspberry Dessert Cake!