Monday, May 20, 2013

Painting and Apostles

I think I've mentioned a time or two before that I LOVE to paint.  Not a fan of the prep work or the clean up but when I'm painting I just love it.  The best is when I get paid for doing what I love...I've painted the interior of a few houses with my Dad over the years but this is my first exterior.

Aubrey is home from USU and has a month to kill before her mission so I put her to work.  She had never painted before.  We put in a 13 hour day and now she's pretty much a professional painter too!

After 10 hours she got a little tired.

Meanwhile back at the Beck house the husband held down the fort.  Our family needed to fill in with giving a Family Home Evening at the Golden Living Center so the husband organized the entire thing and he and the kids did a great job.  He even remembered to take pictures.  He's amazing.

Lilly helped Dad conduct and some of the kids gave talks about a few of our 12 apostles.

Janie gave a talk about Elder L. Tom Perry

Gracie talked about President Henry B Eyring.

And Estabon talked about Elder David A. Bednar.

The girls usually play church songs on their violins but tonight they fiddled!  The grandmas and grandpas loved it!