Friday, May 03, 2013

My Pintess, a Birthday and more Junk

Lilly's a pretty cute snuggle bug in the mornings.  She's actually up for a snuggle all day long.  She's been wearing her blue "Pintess" dress 24/7 the last few days.

Ran some errands with these two today.  It takes very little to make them happy.  Stopping at Wendy's for cheeseburgers and suckers at the bank=2 happy girls.  Lilly had her cheeseburger finished before Janie could get through half of hers.

Gracie was my Junk Store date again this month.  We hit the jackpot on cereal!  Picked up 54 boxes for 99 cents each!  24 of them were Lucky Charms.  My friend Nora (Who has not updated her blog in 4 months--I've been waiting to see pictures from your Costa Rica trip Nora!) is a really good mom who only lets her kids have sugar cereal on Sugar Cereal Sunday.   Pretty much every day is Sugar Cereal Sunday at our house.

Ran into two of my recent Junk Store converts!  Aunt Judy and my cousin Kaylee.  They were feeling pretty happy about all their bargains.

Janie has recently taken a liking to hats. 
 It's a great solution to her hair challenges.

Papa Dave took us to the Roof tonight to celebrate Mama Linda's birthday.
Have I mentioned I like her birthday more than my own?
(By the way, that red dress I'm wearing--junk store $6.50 :)

Traditional cheesy elevator picture 2013

Cleared out 2 more bags.  Had to go through Janie's stuff when she wasn't around.  She would have freaked out over all her junk treasures I threw out.