Tuesday, May 07, 2013

My Famous Grandpa And The Greatest Invention Of All Time

At least in Malad he is :) 
He also made the paper last year when he was named Father of the Year and then a few years ago when he was honored with Farm Family of the Year!

Today's efforts only produced half a bag of stuff and some trash.  I'm just about done with the upstairs.  The worst is ahead of me...Estabon's room and Kloe and Gracie's room.  We cleaned both rooms out last Fall but the stuff, it just appears, out of no where, lots of it.  I'm going to need a pretty big incentive, or maybe I'll bribe Emmy to do it.

I checked in with my Dirty Secret blog to see 

Not much has changed since then.  Still have and love the recliner.  It tried to break about a year ago but the husband fixed it and it's still going strong.  Still live for date night.  Although I don't watch much HGTV these days.  I actually cleaned this chair not to long ago when one of the kids ripped the back off (remember, it has Velcro aka greatest invention of all time).