Saturday, May 04, 2013

More Celebrating

Birthday celebration #2...

Papa Dave gets a birthday picnic every summer to celebrate his December birthday so we decided we'd start a new tradition with Mama Linda and throw her a birthday breakfast.

On the menu...
Lemon Dutch Babies
Cinnamon French Toast with Kneader's Syrup
Homemade Cheesy Hash Browns
Scrambled Eggs
Juice and Chocolate Milk

First sprinkler party of the season--just Kloe and Gracie hanging out together.  They get along really well about 85% of the time and I love to hear them giggling and jabbering on and on to each other.

Emmy had a productive Saturday and got around to finishing 2 projects she started last summer...

By the way...I noticed today that Costco sells gluten free bread.  Stephanie Sollis, if you are willing to brave all the rude old timers at your Arizona Costco this might be a good find?!