Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mom's Monkeys and Lilacs

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wonderful Mom!

I woke up to two little monkeys in my bed.  Make that three if you count Janie's Georgie.

Today is Mother's Day.
For my cousins, Mike and Catherine Lott, it is also the 1 year anniversary of their son Ryan who passed away last year at just 14 years old.  Ryan loved the Texas Longhorns and loved orange so Emmy and I joined their family in honoring Ryan by wearing orange.  

Emmy told me she'd make me any dessert I wanted.  I picked this dreamy oatmeal, almond, caramel bar recipe.  It was A-Ma-Zing!  Thanks Em!

I was very excited to talk to my boy today.  We knew he wouldn't be able to skype so it would be a phone call but we had no idea when he'd be calling so I kept my phone with me all day.  He ended up calling about 3:30 when we were on our way to take "Easter" pictures with Kevin's family (better late than never).

While we talked with Jax, Emmy worked on tying Estabon's tie into a knot he found online.  He had step by step instructions and she finally figured it out.  Too bad you can't see it very well.  It actually was a pretty cool knot.

I love love love lilacs.  My Grandma Moon and Grandma Emmy both had them in their yards so every time I smell lilacs I think of them.  Last year some of Kevin's family gave us a lilac bush after Baby Kevin died.  Kevin planted it below my kitchen window last year and we were so nervous it wouldn't make it through the winter.  But it did and it is doing great and smelling so good!  So now when I smell lilacs I think of my grandmas and my baby.  I love it.
Yesterday Kimmy dropped me by a gift from all my brothers and sisters.  I am not one for name brands but I do have a love for Vera Bradley bags in all their different shapes and sizes.  They gave me this bag and chose this pattern because of my love for lilacs.  I love it!