Monday, May 06, 2013

Missionary Monday - The Second Epistle from Elder Beck Concerning the People of Michigan


I am doing quite well. Life is good. The country side is getting freaking beautiful. Everything is starting to grow again. And the weather is perfect! Its about 65 degrees everyday. I'm kind of conflicted though because if we are inside a small cigarette smoke filled trailer it means we are teaching a lesson, which is really good. But if we are outside enjoying the beautiful weather, it means we are knocking on doors, which blows. But sometimes we go visit less-actives that live way the freak out there and that is awesome. Driving through the fields and seeing a bunch of animals. There is tons of road kill though. Like A TON. I think I've seen more dead animals on the road than living ones.

But anyways, we visited this one old lady named Sister Beard and her set up is fantastic. But she lives right on this lake, maybe a little bigger than half the size of Newton. She says there is bass, bluegill, and pike in there. In her back yard! I asked her what she likes to catch and she said the blue gill are good eating, but that she just loves the way the largemouth pull. Her place is too far away to just visit or go on P-Day so I pressed her pretty good to try and get a referral for someone that lives there, but she said she doesn't talk to anyone. So I just spent the next few days daydreaming about what it would be like to live there.

Another less active we visited named Brother Foster lives out of the way on a 40 acre farm. He's not a farmer though, he is about to retire and just doesn't want to have any neighbors. Just grows stuff for fun. That guy has it figured out. Except for not going to church of course.

I still really like my companions. Having two of them is sweet. It will be a significant bummer when I go back to only having one. We had two trade offs this week. On Tuesday I went to the Central Michigan University campus with one of the zone leaders. I got to be a Chippewa for a day. I really enjoyed that. He only has like a month left and just got released from being an assistant so I learned a lot from him. Then on Saturday we got an Elder from Mt. Pleasant and Elder Baird went up there.

Cecilia, our only real solid investigator is still on track. We taught her Chastity and the Word of Wisdom this week. That was about as much fun as you would think it would be, but she took them really well. The only sizable hurdle left is tithing and I'm not sure how that will go because she doesn't have a job. She is trying to get one though. She is in the middle of a court thing with her son's dad over custody and is trying to get her act together. Her date is the 18th and my 6 week Michigan mission pretty much hinges on whether or not she gets dunked.

We only have 2 other legitimate investigators and they could go either way. One is named Laura and she was actually the first door I knocked on when I got here. To put that in perspective, we've knocked on hundreds of houses since and nothing has come from it. We've only given her the Restoration, but she committed to be baptized.

Thanks for the package! It was perfect. Those pictures of the tatonka in Jackson Hole are awesome. I don't think I need anything else, but one of my slacks have a finger sized hole in them and its not too bad, but my white undies show through so its not desirable. I don't know how bad they have to be for missionary mall to replace. I'll include a picture of them.

Daniel goes this Wednesday, right? If you could hook me up with his email I would appreciate that.

I think that's all for this week.  Thanks for everything.

Elder Beck

Pic #1 - The lake in sister Beard's back yard. I took this picture as we were driving away and it doesn't do it justice.

Pic #2 - Super old train station

Pic #3 - Green fields and trees, again picture doesn't do it justice.