Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet The Director

Tonight Kloe made her debut as Director for her class play!

She learned a lot over the past several weeks.  She found out being in charge isn't always fun.  Especially when people get mad at you and call you names.  She learned when you are in charge you have to make the hard decisions and you can't be everyone's best friend.  But in the end the class pulled together and did a great job with their play!

After the play we headed over to Hollywood Connections to help celebrate Korby's birthday party.  I just realized I have no pictures of the birthday boy but here's his brother Kamden...

This picture, although blurry, captures my little Janie perfectly.  She is so carefree, fun loving, and happy.  She is a sweetheart and so fun to have around.

Thanks Korby for having a birthday!  We love you!