Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High On a House Top

Fall of 1996

We had just bought our first house.  We rented a sprayer and Kevin painted the entire house white, like the winters snow.
During that project this shirt became my painting shirt.  Kevin sent it to me while he was serving in Guthrie Oklahoma on his mission.  It is still, to this day, my painting shirt and it has paint on it from just about every painting project I've ever done :).

Today was day 2 of painting.  My dad and brother in law Scott have been helping too.
This is about as high as I can stand.  My dad and Scott did all the really high stuff.

The trim around the windows--Before...

A bunch of the trim was a reddish brown so we painted it a darker chocolate brown to match the soffet.


We went a little lighter on the cream paint for the wood siding.

The door was the orange brown color too.


The guy that lives there is a fire fighter...can you tell?