Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turkeys Popcorn Popping and Hangaburgers

The girls got to spend the day with their Dad running errands for THE BIG TURKEY HUNT!  (Kevin is so excited for this he can hardly stand it!  Pretty sure he is more excited about this than he was about Hawaii :)

Janie LOVES seeing the blossoms on all the trees.  Whenever she sees one she says, "Look!  It's popcorn popping on the apricot tree!"  So Dad stopped to get a picture with them and this popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

First stop:  Cabela's

Second stop:  Scheels
Lilly was 1 inch to short for the Ferris Wheel.  Janie was devastated and came home annoyed with me that I didn't go with them so I could watch Lilly while she and her Dad boyfriend rode the Ferris Wheel.

Third stop:  McDonalds

Lilly, like Janie LOVES Hangaburgers.  She dropped hers on the ground so Dad gave her his McDouble and she ate the entire thing.

Fourth stop:  Sportsman's Warehouse

Highlight of Janie's trip=pushing her sister around the store in the shopping cart.
She begs me to let her push Lilly around like this but she can't maneuver the big carts and she gets so annoyed when I take over.  So Dad was the hero for finding her a cart just her size.

The husband and Estabon are pretty much ready for their trip.  They are going with my brother Rick and Estabon's cousins Jett and Coy.  Kevin says the area we are going to only has about a 25% success rate but that percentage doesn't apply to me and Rick because we have amazing, unbelievable, above average turkey calling skills.  He practiced for me the other night and it made me want to follow him :).  Those turkeys don't have a chance.