Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Straws and a Fan

This child is obsessed with putting straws in her ears.  
She can't help herself.
She's an odd little duck.

The BIG fan arrived today!  This is a 70 inch fan for our great room.  Putting a fan in this room is long over due.  In the summers the west side of our house is as cold as a refrigerator but between the vaulted ceiling and skylight the East side of the house gets pretty warm.  It's going to be a tricky install.  There is no attic in this area of the house so Papa Tom, the Master Electrician, will have to mount it to a wood beam and strategically hide the wiring.  He can do it.  I know he can!

Tomorrow it's May.
I'm feeling like I'm falling into a funk.  I don't know if it's because the husband is away, or I've been anxious to know how Jackson was settling into Michigan mission life (that probably isn't it since we got a great letter and update yesterday), or because the 10th is fast approaching.  I try not to think about all that was happening last year at this time.  It's almost harder to think about than it was to live it.  Whenever I feel a funk coming on I have to get busy (or busier) to save me from it.  So I decided I'm going to Spring "Clear" my house during the month of May.  I always feel better when I get rid of stuff so starting tomorrow I'm going to tackle a room or area every week day and see how much I can clear out of it.