Monday, April 29, 2013

Polish and Popcorn

Janie loves to pick the gel polish off my fingernails.
Tonight she noticed the polish was coming off my toes so she went right to work.  Lilly couldn't resist joining her.  Kind of gross I guess, but it kept them busy and quiet so I let them have at it.

Lilly is a little obsessed with having her fingernails painted and she hates when it starts coming off--which is usually the next day.  Emmy painted her nails with silver glitter polish and she was so happy!

 This is what our nights have looked like every night since Kevin and Estabon have been gone...just watching our Love Comes Softly shows (I have 10 of the 11 movies) and eating popcorn.  The girls can't decide if they are ready for their dad to come home or not.