Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Packages for the Missionary

My parents and I sent Jaxer a package full of yummy treats yesterday...Mama Jan made him his favorite chocolate cookies and ginger snaps.  We also sent him homemade peach jam and Rhodes homemade rolls with the "stuff" on top.

When we found out about Jackson's new love of Maple Doughnuts we couldn't resist sending him some of those too.  So today Papa Dave visited Banbury Cross to pick him up some of these!

And his mom went to Beyond Glaze to pick him up some of these!  Bacon Maple Doughnuts!  I bought all they had--and that was only 5.  Estabon was ticked he couldn't try one.  The bacon is candied and looks amazing.  After today and yesterday's packages he'll probably have the bread sweats.

He flies out first thing in the morning.  It's been nice having him just 45 minutes away.  Even though I can't see him, I like knowing he's so close.  Michigan doesn't seem to far either...still in the same country :).  Brazil seems really far away.  I'm excited for all that's ahead for him!  He'll be a fantastic missionary!