Friday, August 10, 2012

Wisdom and Talent

Today we leave for the family cabin for an entire week of fun!  But before we left Jackson and Kevin took a quick trip to Provo this morning for Jax to get his wisdom teeth out.  One of the benefits of having SO many sisters is there are more women in the house to take care of the men :)

Jax wore his UofU shirt on purpose since he was going to Cougarville.  It was a brave move on his part.  He was surrounded by BYU fans but he did a fine job representing our Utes! 

While the mom packed bag after bag and cooler after cooler of food, the girls entertained themselves by sticking their ear phones up their nose and then listened to the music come out their mouth.  A little trick Emmy taught them.  Are my kids talented or what?!

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