Thursday, August 09, 2012

Taking Action

I shared THIS message today with my visiting teaching sisters

I absolutely love the sisters I visit teach and my partner.  I look forward to visiting with them every month.  I was spoiled by my visiting teacher after I had baby Kevin.  She dropped by meals, treats, checked in on me often and one day left a box of thank you cards on my porch--such a thoughtful thing to do!  In my continuing quest to get this dang baby weight off she walks me in the morning in addition to the husband walking me at night.  She also listens to me.  I'm currently in the "Angry" phase of grieving.  Although I'm not at all angry about losing my baby, I am angry about all the little nuisances that are currently plaguing my life.  I like to think losing my baby should be my only trial for at least the next 5 years :)

My friend had her baby boy this morning.  The heading in her email was "We were blessed with a live birth!"  They were given 30 wonderful minutes with their little guy.  What a comfort for them to know they'll have him forever.