Thursday, June 21, 2012

The (Empty) Indian Houses

Today was our very favorite day at Lake Powell.
It started with Rick and Mindy's delicious breakfast burritos...

And then Kevin pulled out "the Tats" and everyone picked out a tatoo!

Kevin was feeling a little bad he hadn't reached his goal of catching no less than 30 stripers so Rick gave him his very own bag of swedish fish to make him feel better...

Janie, still as user friendly as ever, and so was Emmy :)

What you see here is Max (also known as MaxZilla) sporting one of Janie's scooby-doo "bandeed's" over one of his nostrils.
What you don't see here is how Max likes to plug his nose when he jumps into the water--he sticks two fingers right up his nose.  The system had worked pretty well for him until he stuck one up a little too far and came out of the water with a bloody nose.

The kids loved cliff jumping. 
So did the adults, except for me. 
I'm a hater of heights and water up my nose and I'm a chicken.

We went to see the Defiance House Indian Ruins.  The kids loved these.  Janie called them "the indian houses" and looked forward to going all day.

Janie was devistated to find out there were NO INDIANS living in the indian houses :(

On our way back from the ruins Jax caught several bass.  Max was with us and got so excited to help with the fish!

Here's Rick manually rowing his boat, trying to save a little gas money :)

A fun family picture with our other Baby Kevin
Somehow Max, who is just learning to read, thought uncle Kevin's name was Baby Kevin.  He kept asking "Baby Kevin" if he could keep the fish he caught.  Max is the one who thinks Dakota's name is Estabon.  He's such a funny kid!
The day ended with fishing in the boils--Kev caught 2 in 2 casts.  A perfect end to a perfect day :)