Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Problems and Love Notes

I have to say, I am happy to have this day come to a close.  It's been one of THOSE days where there has been one problem after another.  None related to the baby.  Just various nuisances that we really don't need the day before little Kevin's birth. 
At some point this afternoon I had the thought to write each of the kids a note that they could find in their lunches tomorrow.  I think it was Camilla Kimball who said, "Never suppress a generous thought".  I'll admit, the first time I had that thought I promptly got blindsided with another problem and suppressed it.  After dinner I had the thought come to me again and this time I listened and took a few minutes to write little love notes to all my kids.  I'd show you a picture of one of them but my computer is being a real problem as well and won't let me download it.
So tomorrow is the big day.  I'm looking forward to finally meeting this little guy.  And I'm praying for a good night sleep and the strength to handle what ever is coming.

Fixed the computer problem :)