Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Kevin's Memory Box

I have a few items of Baby Kevin's I want to keep, so we bought this little plastic box today to store them in.  The clothes he wore in the hospital.  A blanket with his name and birth date.  The binky's I took to the hospital for him.  All my babies have been binky babies.  The burper my mom made that matches the little blanket he'll be buried in, along with a few other things.

Already a couple of the girls have looked through it.  I have kept every card and email we've received since January and I plan to compile them, along with pictures, into a scrapbook.  I think that will be a great way for the kids to remember all the blessings he brought to our family.  I've also been thinking about this blog and how great it will be for the little ones to learn more about their brother when they get older through all the blog posts.

My sister Megan arrived yesterday and my brother Rob arrived this morning.  Everyone is here and I feel so blessed to have them all supporting me and our family.

My cousin Mike and his wife Catherine honored their son Ryan today at his funeral.  This is a picture of his uncles and aunt, his Grandma and Great-Grandpa and my cousin Mike (top right) with his son.

Rick, Megan, Natalie, Kimmy, Rob, Tricia

Here are all my brother's and sisters, minus me.  I really wanted to attend the funeral but emotionally I couldn't do it.  I am trying to gear up for tomorrow and it's been such an emotional day for me anyway.  They all filled me in on the events of the day.  It sounds like it was such a beautiful service.  I'm so grateful there is life after death.  It is the only thing that makes losing a loved one bearable.

To read about Baby Kevin's Graveside service go