Friday, March 02, 2012

College Classes and a Jazz Game

Today we registered Jackson for his Fall COLLEGE classes. My big boy is going away to COLLEGE! I don't know how we went from little Jackson who loved playing with Buzz and Woody to big Jackson all grown up and graduating from High School in a few months!

Kev and the boys spent the night at the Jazz game. Kevin and Dakota got to watch the game while Jackson got to work concessions...

One of Highland's baseball team's fundraisers is working concessions at the Jazz games--not a bad way to raise baseball funds--unless the Jazz are playing the Heat and it's a close game, and the Jazz win!

Did you know Jackson's Papa Dave works for the Jazz (he's the one in the green). The players can thank Papa Dave for keeping track of all their stats every game!

Every time the Highland boys work at a game they are given 2 free tickets...Kevin and Dakota assumed they would be in the nosebleed section--boy were they shocked to see the tickets were on the 19th row!! Needless to say, Jax got the short end of that deal!