Friday, January 13, 2012

Cookies and Test Results

My day started with Janie devastated she couldn't have Grandma Linda's chocolate chip pecan cookies for breakfast. (Don't tell her I sent 4 cookies to school with Jackson for breakfast.)

We've been waiting for my blood work to come back to confirm that the problems with the baby are chromosomal. The Dr we saw on Monday was almost certain the results would be positive, given everything that showed up on the ultrasound. The results were supposed to be in on Tuesday. I finally called today when I didn't hear anything all week. Any guesses on the results? Negative. No chromosomal defects. You would think this would be good news, I hope it is somehow but for now it just brings up so many more questions and decisions on where to go from here. The Dr told us should the test come back negative the damage to the brain combined with the heart problems would still point towards little chance at survival. We can do further testing that would give us a better idea of his chances of survival--which would help us decide whether to keep him with us after he's born for the little bit of time he's alive, or send him straight to the NICU. We could forgo any further testing and if he's able, send him straight to the NICU and have him tested as soon as he's born and make decisions from there. Unfortunately we also have to consider the costs--as my insurance only covers complications with me, not the baby, but it will cover the baby after it's born.

I can't even think straight. I got the news on my way to Walmart. It took me forever to shop because I just couldn't focus. My brain is tapped out. On the bright side, I ran into my cousin Stacie as I was headed to the checkout. Stacie--if you are reading this, thanks for snapping me out of the trance I was in. It was so great to see you!

(Check out my lily's in full bloom and my cute Lilly Bug :)

I spent most of the night out to dinner with some friends from my neighborhood. I came home to this fun surprise from my brother Rick and his wife Mindy and their boys. It made my day! I was parked down the street picking up one of my neighbors when the "Edible Arrangements" truck pulled up in front of my house. I didn't see the logo on the truck and it looked like a Meals on Wheels truck and we could not figure out why Meals on Wheels would be at my house!

I had never tried chocolate covered apples before--they are fabulous! Thanks so much Rick and Mindy!
Where we go from here I have no idea. I'll sleep on it and hope things will be a little clearer in the morning.