Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

I was noticing all the blogs posting pictures of their Valentines flowers...old Kever and I have been through LOTS of Valentines Day's together...22 to be exact. Kev took a break from the flowers this year and sent me a Pajama Gram--he was a little shocked when I opened up a flaming orange set of PJ's, he said they looked red on-line. I'm pretty sure he was secretly thrilled to have me in a pair of "Florida Gator" PJ's!! He also treated me to a night at the Outback...nothin says "I Love You" like a big fat steak!

I got Kev the Planet Earth series...he couldn't have been more excited, seriously, he loves it, really he does, he's wanted it for quite some time. I also treated him to a night at the Texas wait, actually it was Stephanie that treated him to a night at the Roadhouse...thanks Steph!

We didn't forget the kids...we made them a big Valentines breakfast and gave the big kids I-Tunes cards and the little girls Polly Pockets. It was a fun day!