Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunt Tami!

Every kid should have an Aunt Tami! She is the greatest aunt ever to my kids. She has what the kids call the "Aunt Tami Bag" --it's filled with art projects, treats, and prizes. She takes care of so many "extras" that I don't have time for--like taking Jackson to midnight Harry Potter Parties over the years, and Emmy to the ones for the Twilight Series. Being a 3rd grade teacher she always knows the best books for the kids to read ... all my kids LOVE to read and I give Tami credit for helping with that.

Gracie invited Tami over for a Birthday Tea Party (Aunt Tam and Uncle Steve gave Gracie a Tea set for Christmas so its been all about the tea parties ever since).
Happy Birthday Aunt Tami we love you!!!