Monday, December 08, 2008

A Visit to Grandpa Moon's Farm

Just over a week ago we went to visit my Grandpa Moon. The plan was to attend Sacrament Meeting with him...however I got the time mixed up and we arrived at church just as Grandpa and Aunt Jeri were leaving. I swear I lose more brain cells with every baby I's getting to be a little much.

My brother Rob and his family came as well. We had such a nice day visiting with Grandpa and Aunt Jeri. Christmas time is so much fun at Grandpa's house--he has the best Christmas house ever! He has not one but 3 Christmas trees. The kids love the train he has under one of the trees. He also decks out his front yard in lots of lights.

We forgot to update the kids measurements last May when we were visiting so we made sure to get everyone current.

You can almost see Steph's cute pregnant belly!

Kloe, Izzy and Gracie with their GREAT Grandpa Moon.

Kloe and Gracie LOVED Grandpa's pink doesn't get any better than a PINK tree!