Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Park City Trip

We were supposed to spend the week of Thanksgiving in Las Vegas ... the boys had a football tournament but Jackson's ended up being cancelled so we headed to Park City instead for some fun! I have to say as much as we would have loved to watch more football, Janie's not a fan of riding in the car and 6 hours of a screaming baby was not my idea of a good time.

We stopped for lunch on our way there...Gracie LOVES dessert just like her mom!

Nothing better than mac and cheese at the Macaroni Grill--seriously if you haven't tried it you should, it's fantastic!

We were especially glad Emmy could stop texting long enough to join us for lunch!

Jackson says, "You can never have too many Raspberry Lemonades!"

Janie's first dip in a pool...loved it!

Kloe and Gracie spent more time in the big garden tub than they did in the pool. They usually shower at home so they think taking a bath is a novelty!