Sunday, December 14, 2008

Our Very First REAL Christmas Tree

Kevin's family always had a real Christmas tree growing Dad went to the forest and chopped down a real tree for my second Christmas and within days it turned into a home for tons of spiders that had apparently been hibernating in the tree for the winter. My mom never allowed a real tree after that so I grew up on fake trees.

I never wanted a real tree so since what Becky wants, Becky gets, we've always had fake trees until last week. With the family room finished downstairs we decided to get a second tree. As I've mentioned before, this is Kev and the kids room and I have no say in any of it, including the decorating so Kev and the girls went out and bought our very first real Christmas tree.

So far there are no spiders and I have to say I do like it...the smell was fabulous the first 2 days...even better than the evergreen candle I've used in the past.