Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

We tried planning a big surprise birthday party for my dad at the cabin...but he went ahead and planned his own party, inviting all the family to come spend the week together at the cabin. So there was no surprise but we had the best time anyway!

No that is not a hearing aid that is Dad's blue tooth...he never leaves home without it!

Rick, Kimmy, dad, me, and Rob

Here's my dad with 12 of his 24 (soon to be 27) grandkids.

Playing games is one of our favorite cabin activities!

Kim, Gracie and Emmy gearing up for a sledding extravaganza!!

Janie getting ready for the big game later this week!

These guys are pretty much professional sledders!

Kota sporting pink snow pants...they are reeeal nice!

Jax and Coy

Not sure what Rick is doing here...hitch hiking maybe??

"Hey there Delilah, what's it like in New York City..."
Rick and Mindy brought their "Sing Star" and everyone had the best time singing their little hearts out.

"You're're're beautiful it's true..."
(You should hear my brothers hit these high notes--impressive!)

"He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy, he wasn't good enough for her..."

"Save a horse, ride a cowboy...passin out hundred dollar bills and it thrills..."

"I fell into a burnin' ring of fire...I went down down down and the flames went higher..."

I wrote this little poem for Dad...he has written each of us a fun poem for our wedding day so we thought it was about time he had one too...

A Birthday Poem for Our Dad

Happy 60th Birthday Dad! Hope you Have a Greaaat Day!
Has anyone told you they love you today?

Of all of the poems you’ve written to date…
None have been about you so it’s time that that changed!

In your 60 years you’ve accomplished a lot...7 kids, 24 Grands—3 on the way
You’ve blessed all of our lives in more ways than we can say.

You’re a wonderful husband, father, and grandpa—you’ve taught us a lot
Like Food always tastes better when you share, and Do everything with a happy heart.

You taught us kids how to work, and that a job worth doing is worth doing right.
Take time or make time…we’ve all heard that once or twice.

With your help all of our homes have been greatly improved…
To Texas, Washington, Salt Lake, Sandy, and Taylorsville you’ve moved.

Lighting, plumbing, removing wallpaper and mold
Black, Red and Mustard paint—you just do what you’re told!

You taught Braylee to mud at the young age of 4
And Jackson about electricity and how not to spend more.

Whenever we need you, you’re there without delay
If something breaks, “Papa Tom can fix it”, the grandkids all say.

When it comes to playing games, Papa Tom is the best!
Whether it’s Bingo, Uno, or Checkers, he’ll put your skills to the test.

You spoil your grandkids with time and attention
Going to ball games, dance performances, music recitals—too many to mention

We all get a good chuckle when calling your home…
Good morning, Tom speaking, how may I help you”, is how you answer your phone.

Always working 2 jobs so mom could stay home
To take care of us kids, we were never alone.

Your generous spirit has touched the lives of so many.
You live a life of service to the community, the church and especially your family.

A Father’s Blessing, we each have sometimes needed
Your priesthood has blessed us for many different reasons.

Since singing with your mother, “How Firm a Foundation” when your dad passed away,
You’re love for music has grown as you’ve sang in many choirs, and the piano you’ve played.

“The Serious Grandpa”, “Papa Tom”, and “Tommy Dee” are all names you’ve been given
But to us you are Dad—you’re a blessing from heaven!

Have SWEEEEET Dreams and We Love You Dad!

Rebecca, Trishy, Natalie, Ricky, Robby, Kimmy and Meg