Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We Love You Sister Sollis!

My sister Megan leaves for her mission tomorrow. I can't believe she's all grown up! When I was 14 my parents sat us 6 kids down and asked us what we would rather have, a new car or a new brother or sister. Obviously we chose the latter and the following year Megan Brook joined our family! Megan was the favorite child from day one...we all spoiled her and she brought far more fun and entertainment than any new car could have! Meg, Kev and I have this little joke that Megan is actually our first born but mom and dad raised her since we were still in High School! Megan has always been a special part of our little family...she's babysat our kids since she was 8 or 9, she's gone on family vacations with us, made us memory DVDs of vacations and family events, and captured lots of family moments with her great photography skills.

Megan staged this cheesy mission pic...it cracks me up! Below are some pics Meg's taken over the past year. She's great at taking candid pictures and "capturing the moment"--she is never without her camera. I unfortunately am just the opposite, I never remember to take my camera...so thanks for all the fun memories Meg!

Megan stayed with our kids while Kev and I went to Hawaii last December. She went all out to make sure they had a good time. She put together a craft book for each of the kids...getting even the big kids involved.

Here they are making sugar cookies.

She even cooked big family dinners every night. She was the coolest aunt ever when she bought 3 loaves of french bread and didn't even make them eat the crust! Let's just say when we got home the kids weren't all that excited to have us back. Megan however, was worn out. She asked me if I ever get any time to myself. Welcome to motherhood Meg!

Megan insisted on having this picture taken last Fall at the cabin. We were all wearing the same pants and she just thought that was the greatest!

This was that same cabin weekend with her and her nieces and nephews...Meg, Kloe, Kaitlynn, Karter and Kota.

Still at the cabin...only Megan would think to take a picture in front of the Granny's sign. We had a great time that day!

Meg took this pic with Gracie last October at my mom's Halloween party. Megan always wished she could be on the High School drill team, that night her dream came true.

I definitely left my camera home for this event as I am not a fan of Good Things Utah (sorry ladies). It was a very fun time though...Natalie was in town and so we had a girls afternoon at the studio and then went to lunch.

Meg took this outside the channel 4 studios...she's really good at taking pictures with her in them...it's a gift.

Meg took these on our way out of the studio. That time I spent with Doug Heffernan was the highlight of my entire day!

Megan has been a great example for our family...she's always made good choices, been a hard worker, and put her family first. She's going to be a great missionary and the people in Taiwan will love her!

We will miss you and we love you Megan!