Monday, August 11, 2008

Picnic with Papa Dave

Last year we started a little tradition of the kids taking Papa Dave on a picnic lunch as part of his birthday gift. His birthday is actually December 20th so with it being such a busy month, it's fun to do some extra celebrating in the summer. This picture was taken in Papa Dave's office right before we left for lunch.

A couple of weeks ago when Kloe, Gracie and I were discussing the upcoming picnic they reminded me how much fun it was last year when they got to ride the escalator up to Papa Dave's office...funny the things they remember.

Fact: Emmy is the fastest eater in our entire extended family (both sides)!

Did you know? Dakota likes his shirts buttoned to the very top!

Don't worry, Kloe is not foaming at the's just whipping cream.

We had a fun afternoon at Sugarhouse Park. We love you Papa Dave!