Monday, July 21, 2008

Rob & Stephanie's Wedding Day

My brother Rob got married on the 24th of last month. It was such a fun day! He and Steph were married at Red Butte Gardens. We had all of the family there except for my Seattle sister Natalie, her husband Danial and their 4 girls. Natalie was put on bed rest with her pregnancy and couldn't fly--we sure missed you guys!! (PS--Natalie had her baby boy July 18th, as soon as she sends me some pics of Cardston I'll post them.) I posted a slide show of more wedding pics ...I'm still trying to figure all this out so I'm not sure where it will show up but it's here somewhere. Anyway, we are so glad to have Stephanie and her daughter Izzy join our family!

THE BEE... Emmy, Kloe, and their two 3rd cousins Victoria and Alexandra Greenwood played for the wedding. Those who attended might remember hearing the 3-part rendition of Canon as the wedding party came down the isle. They were doing a great job until just as it was Stephanie's turn the music suddenly turned into a train wreck... a great big bee came flying right at each of the girls, taking turns with each one. It was all Kloe could do not to scream. The bee landed right on Emmy's nose and then kept flying in and out of the holes in her violin. There was no recovering. I finally told the girls to just stop's that for a grand finale!