Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day!

We aren't really into the Parade thing for the 24th of July...something about sitting in the blazing heat with swarms of other people just doesn't appeal to us...anyway, this year the boys and girls split up for the day. Kevin, his brother Steve, Jax and Kota all went to Snowbird where they rock climbed, zip lined, rode the tram and chair lift, rode the Alpine slide (more on that later), etc. The weather was 80 degrees where all the activities were and 65 degrees at the top of the tram. They had a great time...Kota said it was more fun than Lagoon! The girls were minus Emmy...she spent all week at the Brighton Girl's Camp. Me, Kloe, Gracie and Kev's sister Tami all went to see Wall-e. I had heard it was a pretty good movie and my girls really liked it. I however was unimpressed and was relieved when it was finally over. After the movie, Tam took the girls swimming at her condo and I enjoyed a quiet house all to myself!

We went to Mama Linda's and Papa Dave's for a barbecue. Mama Linda makes the best sugar cookies ever for each holiday. My favorite are the ones she makes for Halloween--she covers mine in candy corns so there is one in every bite and they are fabulous! We had some time before fireworks so we played Sequence (a very fun game by the way) and the girls spanked the boys!

Kevin has a firm belief that "when it's your time to go, it's your time to go" and there's really not a whole lot you can do about it...which is why he never wears his seat belt and tends to live on the edge. You would think after slicing his neck open and nearly dying 9 years ago when he jumped off our roof that it may have been a lesson for such luck. Just yesterday while riding the Alpine slide he went as fast as he possibly could (couldn't let his little brother beat him). Anyway, he totally wipes out, tears up his leg in the process, and of course, loses the race. It's a shame we have no'll just have to use your imagination. So last night during the firework show he decides to light several all at once for THE GRAND FINALE. It was grand alright and when one of the fireworks didn't light he just couldn't let it go...he kept going back into the sparks trying to light it...unfortunately this picture doesn't do it justice, I missed the shots of him right in the midst of the fire.