Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Back To School 2017

Gracie was the first to set off for her first day of 7th grade!!

Mama Linda nailed it with the school shoes this year!

Kloe was next in line.
Off to her first day of high school.

Janie was pretty excited about how her pencil pants matched her shoes!

Lilly, who's been sleeping in until 10 most mornings was up for scriptures and prayer at 6:15!

These two were pretty excited to be in the same class this year!

And there she goes.
So excited and so grown up!
And guess who KIT?!  That's right.  I was a rock.  Got a little misty but I had so much to do when I got home that I didn't have time to think about it.  She came home so excited!  Loved everything about 1st grade.

Thought I'd whip up some "homemade" bread for the kids when they got home from school.

We made sure to watch the eclipse but didn't make sure to get the right glasses so it was kinda anti-climatic.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Wish Me Luck

Friday was Gracie's Jr High orientation.

We found her locker.
She opened it first try.
We also did a walk through to find all her classes.
She couldn't get over how big the school was compared to her elementary school.

She and Camille were so excited to find out they have some classes together!

We wrapped up Summer Saturday night at the neighborhood picnic.

We've been spoiled with Emmy time this summer.  She came down unexpectedly Saturday night and she and Gracie made the most amazing macarons (not to be confused with macaroons, which are totally different) for dessert on Sunday.  Except they were so good they were almost gone by the time it was actually time for dessert.

Wish me luck today as I send my baby off to full day school.

Missionary Monday - So Far So Good

So far so good, the plane ride was fine, my seat was an isle seat in the very back where there isn't a window so I couldn't see anything, it was kinda like being kidnapped and dropped off in another country. We took about an hour long bus ride through Mexico city, it was about as dumpy as Puerto Pensaco, but with more buildings. When we finally got to the MTC it was unreal. It's called the "CCM" here, it is extremely beautiful, the pictures I saw before coming here didn't do it justice at all. It is surrounded by mountains that are very close, and have those cement houses that are all connected, they cover the bottom half of the mountain which sounds like an eye sore but it looks incredible day and night. Anyways, I'll talk about what we have done so far, the day after we arrived felt like the longest day of my life, but in a good way, sorta. Haha. Every day is already planned out and the first day, from the second we woke up til we went to bed there was somewhere we had to be and something we were supposed to do. Between tours, welcomes, studying, language, meetings, and interviews, it was a long 16 hours. I've learned a lot already, they don't waste any time introducing you to the language, our second day we taught our "investigator" Cintia. Learning all the Spanish gospel terms is hard, and teaching a lesson on the plan of salvation in Spanish is even harder. We have been progressing her through the lessons each day that  we are scheduled to teach her. It gets easier every time so that's good. The food is pretty grodey, I usually load up on rice, salad, cantaloupe and jello. They have cantaloupe all three meals and it is pretty great. I met grandma's cousin Hermana Stapley.

I'd say more but we are going to the temple, I wrote most of this throughout the week during personal time so I could send it real fast before we left and have more time to email after, at least I hope they give us time. -Elder Beck

Friday, August 18, 2017

A Cool Mom

Yesterday we celebrated Papa Dave with our traditional summer birthday picnic.

Our numbers are dwindling.

Wednesday me and the girls spent some time working in one of my Dad's rental properties.  He's getting new renters next month.  The previous ones were there for like 20 years!
This rental was my parent's first home and my home for a couple of years.

Kloe had her Sophomore orientation that night.
Kloe tends to be a little bit of a home body so I gave her a list of clubs she will be joining.
Latin Club (they encourage non-Latinos to join, they like diversity)
FBLA (she'll need to add a business class to join this one)
Drama Club (she's been working on the drama thing her entire life)
I gave her a pass on the ROTC.

We mapped out her classes.  Megan already knows her way around the school (Megan's Dad works there and is the counselor for all kids with the last names A-C so all the Beck children have had him).
She was pretty happy to find out that her classes are fairly close to each other so there's plenty of time for potty breaks in between.

Kloe told me if I was coming with her I had to dress like a cool mom and then she gave me a list of what was acceptable to wear.  How'd I do?

We heard from our Elder this week!
I'll post about his MTC adventures on Monday.
Thought I'd post this photo of young Papa Tom.  He and Dakota look so much alike!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gonna Be Rough

Monday before taking Emmy back to school we spent some time at the lake.

We also took Rachel and Megan so Kevin was REALLY outnumbered.

Lunch always tastes better in the boat on the lake.

Before heading home we introduced these sisters to Tiny Spicy and they loved the stuff.

I think this was our final summer Beckventure.
I told the kids it was time to work our way back to the school schedule but so far we are failing miserably.  Next week's gonna be rough.