Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Proclaiming their Love

We celebrated all our Becktember birthdays with cheese fries and meat Friday night!

Our numbers are dwindling :(
The children keep growing up and moving out.

Mama Linda made these 3 Quillows, all in the colors of the Harry Potter houses they belong to (pretty sure I did not say that right).

Aren't they so fun?
Mama Linda always makes the cutest things.
Here's Tamara giving a tutorial on how to turn the quilts back into pillows.

Sunday was the day of Kevin.
Every hour, starting at 6am a family member sent him a video proclaiming their love and appreciation for him.  I think he was a little sad at 9pm when the videos quit coming :(

I joke with him that he has no friends, but it's really a compliment because his best friends are his family and especially his kids.  I'm honored to be his best friend and did you know he and I have been best buddies for 30 years?!  Grateful he gives all his free time to us and we are all better humans because of Kevin.


Kev's favorite birthday video :)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Missionary Monday - Week 1 in DC

This has been absolutely incredible. Tuesday we arrived and took the metro from the airport and did some "contacting" right away. That was crazy. Everyone on that train was in a bad mood. Went to the mission home and had our interviews, President and sister Johnson are some of the most incredible people I've met. President Johnson basically lives his life by the following the spirit. We stayed the night there, that was the best nights sleep I've had in 6 weeks haha. 
Next day was "transfer day" we all went to the stake center by the temple and there were tons of missionaries there. I got assigned my trainer Elder Stolk he is awesome he's been out a year and a half and so far has seemed just about perfect. We got assigned the DC area, I didn't think much of it until Elder Stolk said this was the first time he's been assigned to actual DC and that his whole time here he had been in Maryland. So I guess this is a big deal and I'm thankful for it, this city is crazy. We don't have cars since we are in the city so we either bike or take the metro. The missionaries before us didn't really do anything, no investigators had been taught in weeks. Their main investigator was a super old lady that couldn't read so according to the area book they had been teaching her the alphabet.... So we've been doing a lot of contacting. The first day we had some crazy bad and crazy good experiences, the bad has been being sworn at and rejected over and over, but the worst was a black guy talking about us to us while we were teaching a lady from Ethiopia, we started to ignore him so he took off his shirt and started doing pull ups on the bus stop. We ended up teaching her for 45 minutes because she didn't want us to leave her alone with him haha. The good has been we were contacting on the way to an appointment (the appointment didn't even happen) and we were talking to this Hispanic guy that said he doesn't believe in God, he believes in nature... Then got on his bike and rode away. Then this black guy says "he don't wanna listen to you, no one does" so at first I was like freak, here we go with another looney. Cause usually when someone initiates a conversation with you in that kind of way its never good. We start talking to him and find out his name is Tim and that he has a lot of beliefs for why Christian churches aren't true and has been searching for himself to find the truth, he basically believes exactly what we do, that Christian churches lost their authority after Christ died and they changed things and that's why they are all different. So we told him that we believe that too and that the authority has been restored. He was super interested and went to church on Sunday. Another good thing is we went to visit hermana Guatelupe (the alphabet lady) and to tell her our expectations and give the first lesson and it went great, she had a baptismal date and came to church. 
Some other notable events, met Elder Bailey who is also Thorough Bailey's son (I don't know how to spell it) and he is going to Marquette for basketball when he gets home, he's pretty cool. OH, we also went to the sketchiest place I've ever been twice in one day, "Anacostia" I think Fredrick Douglas lived there. It's 99% black and the other 1% was us. It's one of the poorest places in the US. Everyone hangs out on the sidewalk high drunk and smoking. The second time it was at night so that was even crazier. But we got some good contacts heading there and back. 
I've met more people of different backgrounds here in less than a week, than I have in my whole life. I've met Ethiopians, black Buddhists, black Muslims, white Hindus, black Israelites, atheists from everywhere, and a whole lot of Hispanics from Guatemala and el Salvador, I guess 15ish years ago there was a revolution there so everyone peaced out and came here. 
Church was great, the ward is awesome and gave us calzones that will last a few days, rides home, and some bomb referrals. Priesthood was also all about home teaching, they've got it figured out. We took one of the referrals to the temple's visitors center and the hermanas that serve there really nailed a lesson and both are going to prepare for baptism. This week has been exhausting but it has all been worth it, I see the Lord's hand helping us in everything we do. 

hasta la vista ccm
Airplane ride
Companion /the capitol
Views from the apartment
Also, adiĆ³s ocho b

Never Convenient

I have been feeling extra grateful today.
So many blessings happening around the Beck house.

Love watching these girls grow up and blossom into unique, amazing people.
Love seeing them learn new things and form their own opinions and beliefs.  
I taught a time management class last week and one of the things I spoke about was the importance of making our personal needs a priority.  I have found that when I meet my needs they often also meet the needs of some of my other priorities.  For instance, I love recognizing talents and strengths in my kids and helping them develop them.  It's like a shot in the arm for me, and then it also meets my priority of nurturing my kids.  It's one of the few ways I multi-task productively :).

We had such a good weekend.  I was especially excited to have a girls night Saturday.  We planned to go out for pizza and then go to our church to watch the General Women's Conference.
Just as we sat down to eat, my friend called.  This is a friend who never calls me unless it's an emergency, we usually talk in person or we text.  So I knew when I saw her number that something was up.  She was on her way to the hospital and asked if I'd meet her there and stay with her until she knew if her son was going to be okay, they thought he'd had a heart attack.
I knew I should go but I felt so bad leaving my girls.  My girls are awesome though and were totally understanding.  Kloe even said, "Mom service is never convenient".
So I dropped the girls off at the church and went to the hospital.  
My friend did need me and I'm grateful I could be there for her.  Later than night Kloe sent me this text...

Emmy also pointed out that you can always go back and listen to the talks but you can't retroactively help someone in need.  My girls are so dang smart :).

Janie has officially passed on her Spidy jacket and love for fake glasses to Lilly.
And how do you like Janie's vintage Vera?  She got it for her birthday and she loves it so much.

It was the day of Kevin yesterday.  I'll post about his day of birth celebration tomorrow.

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Nice Day for a Wedding

Look who we got to spend time with yesterday!

Doesn't this 94 year old Great Great Grandpa look sharp!
My Aunt Jill, Uncle Craig, and Grandpa Moon hit the road at 2:29am (that's what Grandpa told us) in order to surprise us all and make it in time for my cousin Ashley's wedding in the Ogden Temple.

It was a beautiful ceremony.
My favorite part of the temple sealing is there is no "until death do you part".  You make a covenant with your spouse and Christ and it's forever.

I reminded Grandpa that he gets all the credit for this day.
A few years ago during the time Ashley was getting ready to leave on her mission she was pretty serious with a different guy who Grandpa did not approve of (it's not very often Grandpa doesn't approve of a person so this was a big deal).  While I was in Malad visiting Grandpa during that time he told me about his concerns and we decided to write Ashley an email.  I typed while Grandpa told me what he wanted to say.  
Long story short, things didn't end up working out with that guy.

Grandpa stopped to see Mama Jan's new kitchen before he headed back to St George.
My mom is his oldest daughter.

After the ceremony Kevin drove to Logan for his birthday lunch with Emmy.  
Em took her Dad to Herm's and they had the best visit.  

I took these three to Ashley and Shane's reception.
The little girls LOVE all things weddings.

We'll be finishing the Becktember birthday celebrations this weekend.
I think I'll take down the pink birthday sign and put up a more masculine one for Kevin.
My girls and I will also join my mom in attending the LDS Women's Conference Saturday night.  One of my favorite meetings with messages meant just for me and all women.  You are welcome to tune in HERE. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sweet 16

Kloe May turned the big 16 yesterday!

16 looks good on her don't you think?!

We celebrated with a Chik-fil-A breakfast (she loves Chick-fil-A).

And celebrated some more with a Chick-fil-A dinner :) --I told you, she LOVES Chick-fil-A.

Remember how I'm not a "party" mom?  The kids get birthday party's when they turn 8, 12, and 16.  Kloe thought about what kind of party she'd like and decided to go a different direction.
She wanted a date with Mom (movie and dinner later this week) and to spend her birthday night in the mountains roasting marshmallows with just her family and her cousin Kaitlynn.  She's considering having a few friends over for cake and ping-pong on Saturday.

Kaitlynn and her twin Karter were Kloe's first best buddies.

This was the BEST idea!  It was a beautiful night and nice to be in the mountains.  We decided next time we'll bring hot dogs too.

One Beck birthday tradition is sharing our favorite thing about the birthday person so we gathered around the fire and shared all that is great about Kloe...probably the thing that came up most is her ability to make everyone laugh--after 11am of course.  
We all laughed about the fact that she's not really a morning or a night person.  She's more of a 11am-7pm kinda gal.

So grateful for our Kloe and so proud of the strong young woman she's becoming.