Friday, August 17, 2018

The Summer Fun is Done

Our last week of Summer has been a good one.
Cabin time with Papa Tom was so fun!

We celebrated Papa Dave's December birthday with an August picnic.

A date night with my favorite guy.
Went to see that Crazy Rich Asians movie and loved it!

The twins did a little baking for their friends...

A sleepover with the mosquitoes...

Thanks Summer.
You're the best.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Sunday we went to my cousin Austin's homecoming.
He is such a great guy and I loved hearing about some of his mission adventures.

And there's my dad posing with Austin and my mom's empty bottle of Hugh Moon's booze.
Hugh was my mom's great great (actually I have no idea how many greats) grandpa.
There's a place in Salt Lake that still makes his Moonshine.

Love this family!

Me and the girls had a fun afternoon visiting with the relations.

Mama Jan with two of her three sisters, Judy and Jeri.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Nobody Starved - Girls Camp 2018

If you're wondering what it looks like to shop for girls camp...

This kid was a peach the entire time... 
 I may or may not have bribed her with a hot dog.

Lia and our cooks fed us so many good things...
Crepes with all the fixins
Taco bar
Pulled pork and cheesy potatoes
Barbecue chicken
French toast
Pasta bar
Just to name a few :)
We fed them well for four days spiritually and physically.
Nobody starved, that's for sure.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Rock Solid - Stake Girls Camp 2018

Last Tuesday morning we gathered with our young women at the church.
Before leaving for camp our YCL's (Youth Camp Leaders) taught the girls a first aid training and put on a little skit about how our camp would be a DRAMA FREE zone.
Below are our fabulous camp leaders sporting our Rock Solid camp shirts...
Rachael, Eryn, Becky Beck, Cindy (camp director), Tracy (assistant director) and Lia (camp head cook)

After the skit I spoke to the girls and told them with five daughters and four sisters I'm a drama expert and if they felt the drama coming on they could come borrow my big girl panties.  I kept them in my fanny pack throughout the entire camp.

Having Kloe and Gracie up there with me was the best!
Kloe was a YCL and I loved being able to watch her take the lead and teach the girls.  She taught lessons on scripture study and how to bear a testimony.
Two years ago at camp our testimony meeting was mostly storymony's, thankamony's, and performamony's.  We decided to have our YCL's teach lessons on what a testimony is and isn't.  That made all the difference and we didn't have any storymony's, thankamony's or performamony's at this camp.  They testified of their Heavenly Father, their Savior, the prophet Joseph Smith, our prophet President Nelson and Christ's church.

Just hiking with my girls.
Can you pick out which one is me?
Hint: look for the fanny pack :)

I guess I did have two girls who came to borrow the big girl panties...

Monday, August 13, 2018

Missionary Monday - Anacostia Week 5

What's crackin?

Tuesday we dropped off a Bible and a book of Mormon to a guy, acted super interested but stood us up later in the week so don't get your hopes up on that one. Then we had district meetings all day and exchanged at the end of the night with the Calvert Elders.

Wednesday I stayed in Anacostia with Elder Spurgeon, in the morning there was a zl/dl Skype call and that killed the morning, in the afternoon we met with a guy named Terence, I think I talked about him a week or two ago. That was a great lesson. He went into it with pretty low expectations and had a super lax take on religion but he came out of it really wanting to know about the truth. It was the best lesson in a while. Elder Spurgeon wanted to treat me since it was my year mark so we went to Johnny boys ribs which apparently was on diners drive ins and dives? And that was pretty dang good. They had pictures of Obama everywhere in there 😂 

Thursday we were going to cut brother masons hair but he wasn't home when he said he would be so we went to the VC to get a box of Book of Mormons for the upper Marlborough elders' Bible study they had put together. When we were on our way back brother Mason said the bus for his program broke down on Pennsylvania Avenue and that's why he wasn't home but he still wanted a haircut so we went and did that. 

Friday we had to weekly plan, that took forever. We had a lesson with Lenin but he bailed last second:( Later we had to drive down to Lexington Park (Furthest south part of Maryland) for a Baptismal interview with a woman named Belinda. She's pretty cool, I'm happy for her. We also put out a sticky mouse trap that night...

So Saturday morning we wake up and boom, there he is. The mouse hunt finally came to an end. He got caught at the end of the trap and chewed on Elder Attanasios baseball glove all night so that was unfortunate but worth the pain. Anyways we go out to Tract in the morning and that was fine, we came back in and had to take care of a law of chastity problem... (see picture) These fruit flies have no respect. After studies we had to get a baptism jumpsuit from the sisters to take to the elders in white Plains and on the way back there was a bunch of smoke on the freeway, we got closer and saw that there was a pile of garbage on the freeway with the garbage truck in front of it with the driver on the phone and the garbage pile was on fire 😂 😂 It was bizarre. Then we met Elder Skouson and Elder Munger at a Krispy Kreme to give them their suit for their baptism. It was good to see Elder Skouson again... 😂 

Sunday church was good, the bishops daughter brought her friend again and we are going to start teaching her at the young women's presidents house so that'll be pretty sweet. The talks were pretty good, my favorite was from sister Guy, she spoke about the word of wisdom and apparently she's very passionate about it and is trying to get certified as a nutritionist at 71 years old. Some of my favorite quotes were; "None of that says KFC, McDonalds, or Coca-Cola", "I almost fainted when I read what went into 'The Great Chipotle'", "We had to go out and pick our breakfast", "No 9 year old should have diabetes, that right there is a SIN", giving a shout out to a couple who was sealed the day before she said "Like Stevie Wonder said, 'Signed, SEALED, delivered, I'M YOURS!'', and "Health is wealth!". Everybody loved it. Then after church they had a baby shower for a woman in the ward and pulled us in, that was super weird. Watched her open a bunch of diapers and then split 😂 For dinner we ate with the Forsons, they are awesome. They are from Nigeria and are the happiest funniest people I've ever met. They also have the biggest TV I've ever seen, it was 100 inches and covered the entire wall. After that we had a lesson with a referral. He wasn't super interested, he claimed to be "spiritual" I asked him to explain what that means and he couldn't really do it, so I'm still confused as to what that is. And he meets with a group weekly so that seems like religion but idk. We had a really good little lesson about church and the Book of Mormon and he really wants to come to church. He also wants to move to Utah pretty bad, can't blame him 😉 

That was about what our week consisted of... Today we have a district activity in Fort Washington so that will be fun. I'll try to talk to you all when I can but I hope everyone had a great week!

Elder Beck

Black lives matter
Attic of the church
More Graffiti 
The Adulturers
The mouse
Garbage fire on the freeway
"I want my baby back baby back baby back..."
Elder Skouson
The Thomas Johnson Bridge 
The baby shower