Friday, December 14, 2018

The Elk Hunt - Part 3

All their efforts paid off the Monday morning of the hunt.

This is my boy that hates to touch fish guts.
I think he's over that now.

We found ourselves back at Kevin's Alma Matter last night.  We got there early for Gracie's concert so he and Janie walked the halls and he showed her all the spots he used to go to skip class.  Which is why he landed himself in Summer school.

We asked Janie to spread out and save seats.
She took us literally.

Gracie did amazing. 
I know this because I have hypersensitive mom ears and heard every note she played.

This month is going by so quickly I can't keep up.
I've been reminded every day in one way or another of my Savior and his love for me and my family.  He's helped me so much the last couple of months.  I remember one day I was with my Dad and as we prayed together he thanked God for His son's enabling power.  Sometimes we forget to draw upon that power, even though it's always available.
Tomorrow we go to Malad to celebrate Christmas with Kevin Jr, one of my favorite days of December.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Elk Hunt - Part 2

It was freezing cold in Heber Arizona.
It even snowed on the hunters.

Scouting started early and every morning (except for the blizzard) they were welcomed with these.

Jax and Kev spent hours and hours preparing for this hunt.
Jax especially with all his scouting trips.
Hunting is like a part time job if you do it right.

It was so fun to see Janers so excited.
She's definitely hooked on hunting and can't wait to go back for more.

Janie made sure to send me this picture.
Her dad isn't really a dishes kind of guy.
In fact, the kitchen is kinda a foreign country to him.
Kinda like the garage is like a foreign country for me.

Thanks to Uncle Bobby and Aunt Steph letting them use their cabin, they had all the comforts of home, and then some.

They made sure and worked in game time.

Janie loved this LCR game.
Probably because she won 5 bucks!

Kev learned most of what he knows about hunting from his Dad.  He has the best memories growing up of deer hunting with his family and I love that he's making new ones with our kids.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Elk Hunt - Part 1 Beau Goes Hunting

Papa Dave was able to go on the elk hunt.
He's pretty much a professional hunter.
He has years and years of deer hunting under his belt and he knows how it's done.

These two were best buddies the entire trip.

These two were also best buddies the entire trip...
Janie still holds "favorite aunt" status.

Our Beau still loves hats.
He's always wearing a hat.
I love it.

Santa's bringing me Beau for Christmas this year.  
I can't wait to kiss those cute little cheeks.

This kid is so easy going, just like his grandma, I mean daddy.
No terrible two's happening with this little guy.

Janie tells me that bull was a fighter because his antlers are broken off.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Stockings

In the 25 years of Christmas's the Beck family has spent together they have never had matching Christmas stockings. 

I only have six.  I'm not even sure what we used for Jackson when he was home...maybe Kevin's mission stocking.

Every year I think I'll find some and every year I never do.
Either I can't find ones I like, there isn't enough in the style I like, or I find some and then never end up getting them.
It bothers me every Christmas Eve when we pull out the mismatched stockings.
This year I finally pulled the trigger.

I found the socks on Amazon and the cute tags on Etsy.

I love them.
They are so cute that instead of waiting until Christmas Eve to pull them out I can display them all month.
I didn't get stockings for me and Kevin because we don't exchange gifts on Christmas.  He says just having me in his life 24/7 is gift enough.  Just kidding, he never said that but I'm sure it's what he's thinking.  We actually prefer to put our pennies into our travel fund and by the time we provide Christmas for the 7 children we are done spending.
Growing up opening the stocking gifts was my favorite.  There was something about tiny little gifts that I loved.

And props to my Aunt Betty who made my stocking and stockings for the 12 aunts and uncles and the other 29 cousins.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Missionary Monday - Week Onley Week 10

Good afternoon! Sorry this is super late getting out but better late than never 😉

So last Monday we went to the lights and choir with Rosanna, that was fun. The lights were a little weaker this year because they had the whole parking lot of the temple blocked off for construction so there aren't any lights on those trees.

Last Tuesday we did a bunch of finding, ate with a family, but nothing super special.

Wednesday we tried to sneak attack Felicita but she didn't answer the door so 💩. We did some finding after and contacted a guy at his car who ended up preaching some WACK stuff to us for what felt like forever. We ate with the chicas family and they are super cool. They got married like immediately after high-school and had a baby right away so apparently their lives were rough for a lil while but they pulled through. He's like 25 and in nursing school or something like that. Then we went for an appointment and the lady was asleep so that was a bummer.

Thursday we had zone conference, the whole thing was on accountability and trying to be "on fire" all the time. When they were talking about being on fire Elder Navarro leaned over and said "I'm so on fire I think I'm in hell" that was funny coming from him 😂 We were paired with the all sister zone again and I think the count was 12 elders to 52 sisters, it's nuts. Met with a less active family and they told us they aren't "that far" from the church, they just don't read, pray, come to church, watch conference, or do anything else... But it's okay because we are helping them 😉

Friday we had district council and interviews. Based off my interview I think I will be transferred on the 19th of this month but we will see 🤞🏾 Right after district council we exchanged and I went to Moville north with Elder Probert. That was fun to be back in that area. We did a bunch of finding and got let in like 3 times which was super cool. Also, the Bible study was canceled this week so it didn't happen... But next week they said they'll be doing it so be ready for that.

Saturday was more finding, more getting let in, one guy committed to being baptized, he was awesome. He didn't know we were "The Mormons" Until we talked about the Book of Mormon at the end 😂 He's onto us! Then we exchanged back and that was it.

Sunday was stake conference, the talks were... interesting. The first was a YSA convert which was alright but just weird, you had to be there. The second was a lady who went on and on about her husband leaving the church and how much it sucks. Awkward. The rest were fine but the first two set a weird mood. After that we studied and did a bunch of finding. We also taught the mom of a recent convert who is visiting for a month from El Salvador, she's super cool and loved the restoration. We'll be meeting with her tonight so we are excited for that.

Today we had district activity pretty much all day, hence the super late email. But we did sports, gingerbread houses, and white elephant. But that's about it.

Since I'll probably be getting transferred on the 19th if anyone is planning on sending Christmas things if it says it'll get here before the 19th then sending it to the apartment is fine. If it's supposed to arrive after, the mission office would be better. Thanks for reading! Hope you all have a great week!

Apartment 4031 Postgate Terrace apt 204 Silver Spring, MD 20906
Mission office 11700 Falls Rd. Patomac, MD 20854

Elder Beck

Coro latino
Stocking from apartment checkers
Elder Navarro being anxiously engaged in a good cause 😴 
More lights
Exchange people
More temple