Friday, May 24, 2019

That's a Wrap

That's a wrap for the 2019 ano de escuela!

End of year programs = check

We received a message Wednesday that Janie would receive an award on Thursday.
They don't tell you what the award is so we were gonna be real ticked if we went and it was just a participation award.

Turns out, it was THE PERFECT award for Janie!

Excellence in Spanish
For her outstanding achievements in Spanish conversation.
That's code for "She talks the teacher's ear off, in Spanish".
She also talks her parents ears off, in English :)
She told me after, I love talking to my teacher so much, she's like my best friend.
She's the cutest!

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Happy Camper

Look at this kid!

Me and Beau like to have breakfast dates.
He's such a little love bug and he's getting so big!

Last weekend his Daddy took him on the father's and sons's camp out.

And then they went off on a little adventure of their own to gather up Jax's trail cams.

Such a happy little camper :)

In other news... today is the last day of school for Gracie, Janie and Lilly!!
Woot woot!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Home Sweet Home

The chicks moved into their new home over the weekend.

We think they like it.

You're supposed to leave them in there a few days to get them accustomed to it but I think they were starting to get on each others nerves. 
They seemed real happy to finally get out and roam around yesterday. 
The chicken run Kevin made will attach to the coop to give them more space.

We woke up the other night to a cat making creepy sounds in the backyard.
And then it left a little something behind.
Janie made sure to document it.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

These Two

These two are such cute friends.
They both had an awesome 8th grade year and they’re ready for 9th!

Gracie and Cami made a pretty big sacrifice when Emmy moved in.  They gave up their little ping pong hobby so Emmy could have her room in that space.  So I rewarded them for their sacrifice with pancakes.

Oops, Camille’s eyes are closed :)
Let’s try that again...

These two are hard core pancake lovers.
They each got the big breakfast with a large side of pancakes.

Gracie doesn’t mess around.
I can’t believe how much food she put down.

She was so full I had to roll her out of there.

After the pancakes we went to the dollar store where we bought 10 pounds of sidewalk chalk.  They plan to celebrate the end of the school year by chalking our entire driveway.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Missionary Monday - Glenmont Week 15


So last Monday we did our thing, at fhe we taught about the laborers in the vineyard and had everyone go outside and we had 4 of them race and then gave them all the same reward starting with the loser, then read the scriptures and had a discussion. Everyone loved it.

Tuesday we had a bunch of finding time. We also ate with the Pineda family in laurel, I haven't been to their house since we originally had the Laurel area with Elder Kelly so it was fun to be back. At the end of the night we taught Andrey, hes still being lukewarm about things... Slowly but surely. Then we exchanged and Elder Skouson went with Elder Preston and Elder Peterson and I stayed and got Elder Callap.

Wednesday we tracted all morning, then got some 50 cent frosties at Wendy's. For dinner we were with the Criders (The old couple that still flirt pretty openly 😂) That was fun, they got pizza hut so that was cool too. We were supposed to have like 3 lessons after but they all fell through 😢 So more finding.

Thursday we had zone conference. It was fun to see all the peeps again. The whole conference was focused on finding. Afterward we did some finding and then some basketball.

Friday we had to weekly plan since exchanges Wednesday and zone conference Thursday. We found a pretty cool old Hispanic woman after weekly planning who was just here for like 3 months and then she was going back to El Salvador. She seemed really receptive but, spoiler alert, the follow up appointment fell through. Then we had dinner with the Jimenez, then went to Laurel to meet with Juan Carlos, he wasn't home 😕 We then went to give a Book of Mormon to a woman we tracted into earlier in the week and she let us in, we'll see how things play out with her. She had some interesting art on her wall though. There was a picture of new York pre-9/11 and then right next to it a picture of two planes pointing towards the other picture... 🤔 

Saturday we ate lunch with Devy and Jeovanny, that was super good, the red snapper meal must have just been a fluke. It was kinda weird though cause there was a sister who went home like a year ago and her mom were there. Then we did studies and some finding. Skouson ended up getting sick from he thinks the lunch but everyone else was fine so idk 🤷🏾‍♂️ But that kinda ended the night... D'oh.

Sunday after church we tracted cause our lesson with the lady mentioned earlier fell through. It was super hot and white people kept answering and shutting the door so it was just a peachy 90 minutes 💦. Then we had a lesson with Amado, our lessons with him just keep getting worse and worse... He's super sick, and old, and persistent. Then we had dinner. Then we went to why I believe with Eva. That was also good to see everyone there too. I got to see Tomas, he's going through the temple on the 25th! His baptism was a year ago last week, crazy...

Today we have a whole lot of nothing, might get haircuts but we'll see 🤔
Hope you all had a great week and I look forward to hearing from you!

Elder Beck

Why I Believe a bunch of times
CVS selfie
A video of sister Margolis getting a ride from Elder Peterson 😂