Monday, April 23, 2018

Missing All My Big Kids

The weather was a dream over the weekend.
Summer is coming!

Spent several hours Saturday helping with the yard sale for the youth fundraiser.
I think I've only had one yard sale my entire life and maybe been to two.
I probably wasn't the best person for the job but I did what I could.

I've been missing all my big kids and my perfect little grand.

How cute is this kid?!

The days with all our kids under one roof are long gone and it seems like time keeps speeding up.  I feel like Kloe already has one foot out the door.  Kevin and I can barely keep up with how fast they're all growing. 

I'm grateful every day for my parenting partner who won't ever be moving out, unless heaven forbid, he gets in a car accident and doesn't make it because he wasn't wearing his seat belt :)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Divide and Conquer

With Kevin in Arizona for 9 days and me in Seattle this week we've spent the last couple of weeks dividing and conquering all the responsibilities at home.

The school called Monday to send home two sick girls and they were each sick with different things.
Janie worked through a sore throat and headache pretty quick but Lilly got hit with a fever that wiped her out for two days.  Kevin had it all under control and he now qualifies as co-Beck family pharmacist with me.

Gracie called to tell me she's officially got all the 8th grader's backs now that she'll be a student body officer next year!  Yay!!
Kevin let me know the right prom dress arrived for Kloe so she'll be going to the dance in her 1st choice dress! 
Kloe informed me that her Dad met her date on Tuesday for the first time and made him as uncomfortable as possible.  Guess I'll need to fix that when I meet him on Saturday.

I fly home today.
With only one day together between trips I'm ready for time with this guy.
We hold our own apart, but we're much better together.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Best Project Ever

I've been in Seattle all week helping my sister Natalie who had surgery earlier this month.

Several years ago Natalie's family picked up this old truck of Grandpa Moon's and drove it home with the plan to eventually restore it.  In the mean time it's being stored at a neighbors farm.  Isn't it so fun!  Photographers love it and it's become the backdrop for many photos.

My main job has been taxi driver to all these cute kids.
The girls are really good at running the house so I fill in here and there.

Braylee is making this really cool original American flag.
She has the craft gene just like her Mama.

Today is their Grandpa Honey's 70th birthday!
He passed away in 2010 but his legacy lives on in these kids.
We celebrated with Gramma Sharon at Happy Donuts.

Usually I try to help Natalie knock out a project or two when I come to visit but Natalie's only project has been for us to lay in her bed, watch Poldark and eat.
Best project ever.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Changing the Way I Think

Meet my awesome Life Coach...

Last September Emmy sent me my first podcast from Jody called "How to Deal with that Difficult Family Member".  At the time I wasn't dealing with any difficult family members but there was a part of the podcast she thought I'd be interested in.  Turns out she was right. I loved it so much I checked out some of Jody's other podcasts like... 

I'm a pretty happy person for the most part, and over the years I've figured out that it's my job to make me happy, not my husband's, not my kid's, or even my external circumstances, but I had no idea what kind of power I could access for greater happiness and peace, just by changing the way I think.

Jody teaches how our thoughts determine how we feel.  I've always respected the agency I have to choose my actions but I didn't realize how powerful using my agency to choose my thoughts could be.  She teaches how no one can hurt your feelings but you (that's a hard one for some people to grasp, especially my little girls, but we are working on it).  She teaches how we can take ownership of our thoughts and the power we have over our feelings--instead of just letting life happen to us and giving others the power to determine how we feel.

I used to wake up at night and if I let my brain turn on, I couldn't go back to sleep.  My thoughts would travel down all kinds of rabbit holes, playing out all sorts of worrisome scenarios that usually never happened.   With Jody's coaching I think about everything differently.  I choose thoughts that serve me, bring me peace, and make me happy.  I don't get annoyed as easily because I realize I need to stay out of other people's business.  I trust that things are exactly the way they are supposed to be so I don't waste time with thoughts like I should I have done this... or if only I'd done that differently.  I'm more present with my kids and the people I love because I'm not caught up in thoughts that distract me.  I'm just so grateful for all of Jody's help. 

I will say though, it's a constant effort.  My brain has had it's way with me for 45 years so training it to go in a different direction isn't easy but the results are SO worth it.  My mind still goes down rabbit holes now and again but thanks to Jody I know how to climb back out much more quickly.

Another thing Jody teaches is how to feel your feelings and not avoid them.  That's something I am pretty good at and being able to do it saved me six years ago when we lost our son.  There's a book called "Feelings Buried Alive Never Die".  So true.

I listen to two or three of Jody's podcasts a week.
When something frustrating or hard comes up, I just go to her list of topics and she usually has something to help.  For instance, recently I needed to have a difficult conversation with someone and I had no idea where to start.  Jody happens to have a "How to have a Difficult Conversation" podcast and it was EXACTLY what I needed!  So helpful!  A few months ago I had to make a decision that had been bugging me for months.  Jody's got one on Decision Making, again, so helpful!
If you've got teenage girls I recommend her

Bonus Episode: Girls Camp Message  

It's one of my favorites.

With as much as I work with the youth I keep thinking about how empowering this stuff would be for their brains and how can I help them understand all this?  In the mean time I printed off Jody's 6 lessons for children and teenagers and I'm teaching my own kids.

You can get them HERE.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Jackson is successful in everything he puts his mind to.
He's disciplined, driven, got his priorities where they need to be, and really really smart.
He's a devoted husband and daddy and puts God and family first.

After he graduated from college a year ago he began studying to take the Certified Financial Planner test.  His Bachelor degree in Economics, a minor in Financial Planning and three years of experience as a financial planner qualified him to take the test.

Last month he took the test and passed!
So proud of our boy!