Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I Should Really Get These More Often

Having all my girls together under one roof has been so fun!
Kev and I are a little sad Emmy found an apartment so quickly :(

The big girls decided they needed summer pedicures.  I only get about one a year and every time I remember how much I like them and think "I should really get these more often".
Kloe is just like her dad with the most ticklish feet!  She can hardly stand it when they scrub them down.  She had us all laughing.

My girls are all so different and so awesome in their own individual ways.  I came so close to being done having kids after Dakota.  Had I went with my plan Kev and I would be empty nesters and Em wouldn't have ALL THESE SISTERS!  I know life would still be great, but I'm thankful every day I had the courage to go with God's plan and that Kev was on board with it too.  I've been thinking about what God has in store for the Beck family and I'm excited to see what's next!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuck Everlasting

One day when we were driving on the freeway Janie saw the Hale Centre Theatre sign advertising Tuck Everlasting.  She asked if she could Pleeeeeeease go see it because she'd read the Spanish version of the book in her 3rd grade class and also saw the movie.

So a few weeks later we surprised her with tickets and Kev took her on a daddy daughter date last Saturday.
Kevin has never read the book and said Janie was so cute explaining everything to him.

They both loved it and she begged him to take her to The Music Man next.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Missionary Monday - Silver Spring Week 3

What's up??

Last Tuesday was pretty dope, Elder Corbridge spoke to us for like 5 hours and just like in stake conference, he was laying it down. He went IN on Joseph Smith and what we have because of him and what we would have without him. People out here always try and tell me we worship him, but if there was a mortal man to be worshipped, he'd be the one. The underlining question throughout his lecture on Joseph Smith was whether he did it on his own and was an imposter, or if he had heavens help. And it's up to us to find out for ourselves. Then we taught Josue a recent convert lesson and that was good, he's hilarious. Also! As we were walking to his house this Hispanic guy pulls over and he's like "Son Mormones?" we replied "Si" He told us he likes our church and that he lives "Lower on the street 600" and to go find him, then he drove off. We taught Josue then came back out and went to look for him, 600 is helpful and all except that the house numbers have 4 digits. We find a 6600 and go for it, a teenage kid answers and we are like "Is there a 30 year old guy that likes Mormons that lives here?" 😂 He was like "No." Then the guy (Hector) came flying down the stairs and was like "heeeey! You came!" So that was awesome, we'll be meeting with him Tuesday.

Wednesday we tracted, then tracted again, then tracted some more. Then had correlation. Nothing special.

Thursday we tracted in the morning and the first door we knock on we here a gravely "COME IN" we were like uh... alright. We walk in and there's this old black dude sitting on the floor with a vacuum in a million pieces 😂 he told us he doesn't need to hear from us because he believes in everything about God so whatever we say he's just going to believe. Then told us about him getting shot and as he's talking he just lifts up his shirt to show us the scars. It was wack. Overall he was a cool guy though. We talked a little bit about the plan of salvation and he said he'd call us...

Friday we had an awesome morning. The Suitland zone next to us doesn't have Spanish missionaries so we are assigned to all of it if there's ever a referral. We had a referral that was 30 miles away and she didn't have a number but it was from a member in California so we call him and he's like yeah I don't have her number but if you go Friday at 8 AM she will be there, "Teach her until she is baptized" So we got out there at freakin 8 and turns out the address is wrong. We tried a house with the same numbers but different order and it was hers. Some lady answered and she definitely was woken up by us and told us the girl we were looking for wasn't there, we asked if she had her number and she said "no I'm just staying here" Then shut the door, so I think that might have been her giving us the slip... We left our number on the door. We probably won't go down there again unless we get a call. We had to exchange with the Zone Leaders that night and they wanted to meet in the parking lot of a TGIFridays... That was weird, there were plenty of people out and we are just four dudes standing In a circle who pray, hug, put a suitcase in the other car, then drive off... 😂 When I got back with Elder Heiner we went into the stairwell to go up to our apartment and someone was in a rush and had pooped on the floor... I have a picture but I'll save you all from that by not including it 😉 

Saturday was kind of rough for most of the day, a lot of lessons falling through and a lot of finding. After dinner we were determined to teach some people and we ended up having 3 lessons with people we knocked into 😂 2 were on the porch and 1 the guy let us right in. So that felt nice. We drove past one of the guys that canceled on the way home and he was suuuper drunk with his friends in the front yard, an empty 36 pack of beer with cans EVERYWHERE 😂 

Sunday we had church and that was good, the youth went to Palmyra the day before and so they all spoke and seemed to have a really good experience. Which is good for them. From what I can tell so far, Spanish youth are kind of like the children of the people who listened to King Benjamin. The parents are converted because they had the conversion experience but the children, not so much. We almost went to "why I believe" At the visitors center but the members who planned on bringing one of our Investigators as well as us cancelled... So we tracted. Good times.

Anyways, hope you all had a great week, can't wait to hear from you!

No pictures this week sorry 🤷🏿‍♂️ 

Elder Beck

Their Favorite Dad

The kids celebrated their favorite dad yesterday!

Lilly didn't feel like smiling.
But she really does think her dad is the best :)

We celebrated both these dads with a turkey dinner and banana cream pie (my dad's favorite) and Razzleberry pie (one of Kev's favorites).

Emmy's friend Kenzie (on the right) flew in from Mesa Saturday so we get to have 6 girls this week.
And look at that, I guess Lilly felt like smiling.

Love this dad of mine.
He starts a new round of radiation Monday on his spine.  That's where most of the prostate cancer is growing right now.  Once he finishes the radiation he'll have more chemo.  He's a trooper.

We love this dad too!
My kids got the best of the best in the grandpa department.

Look who got her mission call!!
Sister Rachel will be leaving in September to serve in the Samoa Apia mission, speaking Samoan!
I don't know of anyone more prepared to serve a mission.  
She's so kind and easy going, she'll fit right in with the Samoan people.  We are so excited for her!  Congrats Rach!!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Snow Conference

These three got home from Youth Conference last night.
Our ward went to Snow College and then spent yesterday boating at Yuba Lake.

Gracie's first time climbing a rock wall.
I don't think I've ever climbed a rock wall.

They watched the Manti Pageant.

And I'm told the Kloe and Kara show was the best!
Wish I'd have been there to see it.

Kev and I and four of our five girls (Lilly's spent the week with Stella) stayed up late talking and laughing about all the fun times they had.  We also talked about how much Emmy is loving her job and the apartment she found this week.  She'll be moving to Sugarhouse in two weeks so she won't be far.  She did say she'll miss our food so she'll probably keep coming around :).