Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Dakota and Jenna Tie the Knot - Finale

It's not every day your dad gets to marry you!
Mike did such a great job.
Their ceremony was beautiful.

Daddy-daughter/Mother-son dance was My Wish for You by Rascal Flatts

Jenna and Dakota danced to I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz

In case you are wondering, the top cake layer was coconut and the bottom, oreo.

Of course my nephews Karter and Jett are getting to know some of the ladies from Jenna's side.

Bridesmaid dresses courtesy of Shein.

Spencer and Janie were so excited to meet up in person instead of on Zoom and roblox.

Garren teaching us all some of his sweet moves.
Fun fact:  Emmy had no idea Garren was pretty much a professional dancer until her wedding dinner when he pulled out all the stops.

Fun fact:  Despite the cute smile he's sporting, Dakota is NOT a fan of busting his move.
Nice try though Garren :)

Karter is a fan of busting his move and gave Garren a run for his money with his signature dance/backflip move.

Thanks to all my family who traveled near and far to come!

And a huge thanks to Elder Peterson, also known as Nate, who served his mission with Dakota and introduced him to his little sister.

Thanks to the talented Morgan and Joel Photo and Rachel for capturing all the moments.

Props to Rachel for also capturing Garren and Emmy and Jenna's sister Makenzie and Zack's weddings too.

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Dakota and Jenna Tie the Knot - Part 2

To see things come together the way they did was so great.
Dakota and Jenna had their fair share of challenges leading up to it, so we were so grateful for all the blessings of their day.

We missed Aubrey and the boys.
They'll be here for their temple sealing at a later date.

The three guys just to the right of Dakota were his mission companions.
Their mission president came, along with some other friends from the mission, and they had a little mini mission reunion.

Miss Lilly as a flower girl was just the sweetest.
I soaked it all in since it might be her last.  She's going to start tweening any minute.

Can you have too many sisters?

Not in this family.
And doesn't Jenna look like one of them?
Aubrey does too.
My boys chose well.

Two weddings in less than a year.
Isn't their some kind of prize for pulling that off?

Stay tuned for one more wedding post and we'll wrap this up!

Monday, July 06, 2020

Pulled Pork on the 4th

Looks like we coordinated, but we really didn't.
Not on purpose anyway.
Gracie pulled out the Eskimo Joe's T-Shirt bin and told everyone to pick one, and this is what we ended up with.

I asked the fam a week ago what they wanted to do for the 4th.
Malad Parade?
Take the boat to the lake?
Kevin said "Stay Home".
Kloe said, "Lets grill something," and then changed her mind to pulled pork.
Nobody else cared.
Have I mentioned it's the Summer of Kloe?
The Summer before the kids go to college or on missions we make it their Summer.  They have the final say on most of our plans and Kevin goes out of his way to wait on them hand and foot.
So, if Kloe wants pulled pork on the 4th, Kloe gets pulled pork on the 4th.

I went ahead and spent three dollars on a banner and plates and napkins.

Em and Garren joined us for dinner and then they packed their table in the bus and took it home.

What fun stories they'll have to tell their kids about how they built it!

Oh ya, one of the girls requested Smore's with peanut butter cups...

And then we watched our very own firework show from the backyard...

After Smore's the girls, all four of them, played on the tramp.
Kev and I snuggled up on the couch and just listened to them laugh.
Doing nothing on the 4th turned out to be pretty great.

And a happy 4th from these cute little firecrackers!

Last night we gathered around the Donaldson table for its first family meal.

And then we gathered around it again for its first family game.

Now that the table is finished Em and Garren are going to have to come up with a new excuse to come hang out with us during the week.

Oh ya, they still have the bench to finish :)