Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Chilled at the Pineapple House

Sunday we surprised Em and showed up in her Sacrament Meeting so we could hear her play "How Great Thou Art" with her cousin Haylee.

I will never ever get tired of hearing Emmy perform.  
They sounded amazing.

After church we chilled at the Pineapple House while our dinner cooked.  We surprised Em with Sunday dinner too.  And then we convinced her to skip school and work and come home early with us for Thanksgiving :).

We discussed many topics but the main one was, "Does God have a specific plan for each of us?".  Kev and I were on the same page with our answer.  We think God's plan is for us to learn and progress and make the choices that will enable us to return to Him.  I think he'll sometimes guide us in one direction or the other but he ultimately gives us our agency to make choices and decisions.  If our focus is on Him and we are keeping our covenants all things work together for our good.

While we talked, Lilly snuggled right into Emmy's bed and fell asleep.

When we got home we watched the Face to Face with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard.
It was geared towards young adults but good counsel for everyone.  You can watch it HERE.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Missionary Monday - Week 9 in DC

This week was veeeeery good. Long but lots of good stuff.
Monday when we were out after P day was over, knocking on some doors of former investigators, we got a call from President Johnson and he said that Elder Ringwood of the 70 would be coming for zone conference on Friday and that he wanted to meet with 5 missionaries after the conference. And President Johnson wanted me to be one of the 5. So I was pretty excited about that. Then shortly after we got a former to answer and it was totally a trap. We were talking to a young couple at the door and they had met with missionaries like 2 years ago and they were like "Yes please come in!" And we were like, oh sweet. But then we walk in and there's this anciently old lady wearing sun glasses sitting on a bed in the living room in the dark. We start getting to know them and talking about what we do and then the young couple gets up and goes into the other room and the old lady goes off, she was Pentecostal I think and she went on and on and on speaking Spanish 100 mph about "how it really is" It was wild. The couple thought they were real funny doing that to us, they kinda were, she was crazy.

Tuesday we met with Nicolas finally! That was super good, he's had a rough life but he's turning things around. He was Catholic but stop being active in that when he started learning more about the scandals and stuff, but he still wants a church in his life. We also met with Sabas, Keyli and Kellin. They needed to find four American citizens to meet with because the immigration department was going to be calling 4 people to see if they knew her. The ward was great with that, everyone was happy to help. I'm not sure how or why all this stuff with immigration works but whatever. We helped them out a ton and are building more trust. 

Wednesday wasn't too special, it was the day Zone conference was supposed to be but it was postponed to Friday so our schedule was cleared and we had no appointments or anything besides correlation so that's about all that happened. 

Thursday went by pretty fast, went from studies to Elder Stolk needing to practice his song with Hermana Muggleston because he volunteered to do a musical number again in zone conference. He acts put out but he loves it. They couldn't make up their mind on a song so they decided to wing it. We had to go from there to some Jewish building for an "interfaith concert" It was a service thing that a good chunk of the mission was signed up for. That was pretty cool, I didn't know what to expect but it was basically like 6 different religions taking turns singing and stuff. We were there from 4-8 and the concert didn't start till 7:30 so it was a lot of setting up and stuff. At about 6:45 they split us up to go be in charge of the different groups and make sure they get to the stage in time. Elder Gregson and I got put with the Siks? Seeks? I don't know how to spell it, but they were super Indian. We got to hear them practice before and it was AWESOME. I felt like I was in India. We walked them down and led them out, then watched the DC choir sing like 1 song then we had to leave so we could be home in time haha. Overall it was pretty sweet. Interacting with all the people of other churches was a cool experience. 

Friday was Elder Ringwood, that was great. He talked about Moroni 7 and then had an open Q&A, The Q&A was basically a bunch of missionaries trying to stump a general authority, so you can imagine how that went. After he was done they had "Departing Testimonies" And he started his interviews. That was pretty sweet. He's an awesome guy, we didn't really talk about anything special, I think I taught him a lot. Just kidding but it was good. He stressed "Exhilaration in exhaustion" but that's been my plan. For lunch they basically had a Thanksgiving dinner and that was way good. I gave the stuffing a shot, still not a fan sorry mom. 

Saturday was awesome. We were assigned to clean the Chapel but when we got there the Hermanos were on their way out, they said they cleaned everything but the windows and that we couldn't leave because there were turkeys in the oven for the Thanksgiving party and someone had to be there. So we cleaned some windows and studied till the party started. The food was way over my expectations. I had heard bad things about Hispanic Thanksgiving, there was rice but it was ok. The turkey was cooked with strips of bacon layed over the top of it. That's creative especially coming from Hispanics who don't even really celebrate Thanksgiving. I was thrilled with it all. AND Hermano Vargas brought a friend. His name is Alex, they both like to call me Putin haha. Alex is from El Salvador and is loaded. However that's the source of his problem. He has an ex-wife and 2 kids and the wife left him because he was working too much. We invited him to a lesson at the Visitors Center later that day and he was excited to go. Fast forward to that night, he told us more about his story and he basically said that he has/had everything that should make a person happy, but he still feels like something is missing. We taught him about the restoration and it was awesome. It was a lot for him to take in but he loves it. And we are super tight with him already. He offered to let us use his extra car 😂 I wish we could take him up on that. 

Sunday was stake conference at the stake center by the temple. That was good except we sat in the Spanish translation room with the people from our ward and listened to it translated so I didn't get much from that 😂 Elder Ringwood spoke as well, all I know is he's big on the song "Keep the commandments" he had everyone sing that in the middle of his talk, that was weird. Later last night they had an event at the Visitors Center called "Why I Believe" and they invite recent Converts to bear their testimonies and then they have a big speaker come. We decided to invite Alex to that, he brought his daughters and they seemed to enjoy it. The testimonies were awesome, the speakers... not so much. They had cool stories and stuff but for an investigator, it wasn't anything that would really help them. But overall it was great. 

Today is pretty good so far, Elder Stolk made me pancakes and bacon. I'm not sure what else we will do today, yet. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Elder Beck

The ward Thanksgiving party with sabas Keyli and Kellin, and then with a member that always asks for a picture with us but has never really talked to us before...? 😂 
Then at the Visitors Center with someone from Elder Stolks first area, she claims it will be my next area... we'll see. "Gaithersburg Maryland" For anyone who's into rap I think 'Logic' is from there. 
And then the breakfast.
Unfortunately no pictures with Alex, he hates them. Can't blame him though

Happy Birthday Elder Beck

Happy Birthday to Dakota Reed Beck!!

Wasn't he the cutest little 7 pound 14 ounce baby!!
He was a really cute baby.

Such a happy kid.
He's always been happy, easy going, and FUNNY.
Everything's more fun with Dakota around.

This picture was taken at my Grandpa Moon's.  Dakota's wearing his boots.  This may have been the day he decided he liked cowboy boots.  He wore them to church (and sometimes outside to play when he was a pre-schooler) until he became a teenager.  It was a sad day when he quit the cowboy boots.
Hope his day is a great one!  
And I hope his birthday package shows up today.  He asked for a waterpik flosser.  I was shocked and proud when I read that one on his list.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Pie Sale

It's been a great week!
A few of the highlights were...

Kevin taking a car full of girls to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.
Kevin did all the baptizing for over 100 women.

Lilly being so excited to get checked out of school to go to the dentist.
When I told her Wednesday morning I would be checking her out she told me I shouldn't have told her because she loves to be surprised.  Good to know.

She was given the royal treatment and can't wait for more cavities.
She cracked everyone up all night with her funny facial expressions and she also learned you can't drink from a cup when half your mouth is numb.

Kev and I put up Papa Tom's Christmas lights.  
Actually, Kevin did most of it.

The highlight may have been the pie sale at Reams though.
I stocked up!

Today we are taking a little road trip down south to go to the Cedar City Temple open house and then on to the St George Temple so Gracie can check another temple off her list!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

My Girls

If you're ever in Ogden and looking for a good place for breakfast or lunch we highly recommend...

We stopped for lunch Friday after going to the Ogden Temple.  We found it on Yelp and had to check it out just because of the name.  Kevin got a turkey sandwich and I got a veggie sandwich.  SO GOOD!  All the breakfast stuff looked great as well.

I gotta say, it has been really different having just the 4 girls at home.  Estabon's presence is definitely missed by everyone.  He had a good relationship with all of his sisters.  Lilly was telling me yesterday how much she misses him.  Our family dynamic keeps changing and we accept and embrace each new stage.  They are all constantly learning and reaching new milestones.  Watching them grow up is so fun for me and Kevin.  So grateful to be able to take care of these four beautiful ladies and we are all excited to have Emmy home for a bit after she graduates next month!