Friday, September 13, 2019

Fuzzy Mold

The highlight of Janie's week was getting those braces off Wednesday!!!

It wasn't supposed to happen until next month, but Doc Holman changed his mind.

She may need to have a phase two round of braces, but let's hope not.

The highlight of my week was not cleaning out my old mold infested room in the basement at Mama Jan's house.
Me and Kimmy helped her get most of the heavy stuff out of there.
It's been one thing after the other lately with her house.
She just got the mold problem remedied in a different bedroom.  When she went to get her Fall stuff out of storage she could smell something that wasn't quite right.  She did some exploring and found this fuzzy mold growing under the carpet.

The highlight of my week was supposed to be the construction on the street finally ending.
Our street has been a mess all summer.
The gas line has been hit 6 times.
Dust and dirt everywhere.
My driveway and porch is covered in it.
Sadly, it did not end.
They just keep digging.

The highlight of Dakota's week was his Mama driving down to the SC (Snow College) yesterday to pick him up.
It was my highlight too.

Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Utes game at Papa Dave's house.
(He makes sure everyone has proper Ute's attire)

A temple session.
September Birthday dinner with the Becks at the Outback.
Gracie's birthday dinner on Sunday.

I get to teach Gracie and Kloe's Sunday School class!!!
Teaching Sunday School is my jam.
I love it!

And I'm hoping for a new grand baby, but we will see :)

And won't this kid be the CUTEST big brother!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

I'm In My Office

Whenever I need to talk to one of the girls I either yell for them, or sometimes I'll text or Facetime Kloe and Gracie if they're downstairs.  It drives Kevin nuts when I yell for them instead of going to where they are.  It's pretty much the only time I raise my voice.  He never yells.
I try to explain to him that I hate stopping what I'm doing to track down a child, I'd rather just yell.
So, the other night I was in Kevin's office, yelling for Lilly to come practice her spelling words and she replies, "I'm in my office".

Behold Lilly's office...

She wanted some hippie beads to create a wall, but settled for her Minnie comforter.

She loves working in her office.
She loves making her little sayings...

And I love finding them around the house.

This one's my favorite...

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Dad's Office

I spent some time painting at my mom's last week.
Lilly loves to go over there, so I took her and her gorilla with me.

She talks to grandma, watches Netfilx, drinks a soda (Mama Jan has a mini fridge full of soda) and loves to play with Mama Jan's toys in the basement.

My mom has started cleaning out my Dad's office.
Everywhere you look you see reminders of Papa Tom.
Sometimes I just can't believe he's gone.
I miss our talks so much.

She's giving Kevin his desk.
It means a lot to him to be able to have it.
Since he’s been bishop he spends a lot more time at his desk.  His thoughts are always on our ward family and how he can help bring them to Christ.

My Dad loved this scripture.
He lived it and had complete faith in it.
I do too.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

What We Do In Our Temples

I talk a lot about temples on my blog.
For those who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I thought you might like this video.  It explains very simply the purpose of and what we do in our temples.

Monday, September 09, 2019

My Girls Joined Me

This is my girl Zae.
Zae was one of the first girls I really connected with after I was called as Stake Young Women's President four years ago.
I love her.
We said goodbye yesterday because she'll be leaving Tuesday for her mission. 
She'll spend a few weeks in New Zealand at the Missionary Training Center, and then it will be off to Samoa!  She will be a wonderful missionary.  I'm so happy for her.

Yesterday was our kick off for a new year of Mission Prep.
We had a great group of 19 young women and men who are preparing to serve.

Eryn and I made them a truck load of pancakes.
Eryn was cracking me up.
That's kind of a creepy looking laugh I've got going there, isn't it.

My favorite part about the class was my girls joined me!!
See those two blond girls on the right?
Kloe and Kara have started to prepare for their missions and are already making plans to turn in their papers at the same time and open their calls together.
That would be the best.

The weekend was filled with a little football...

My brother in law's restaurant won best hot wings at the wings festival Saturday.
Which came as no surprise.
They are delicious.

One of the girls got hit with a killer sore throat.
Garren told her if she had white spots on her throat it was strep.
So I told him to take a look, but apparently that sort of thing creeps him out, although, he was ok to look at a picture.
My guess is, it's not strep.

Grandma Meldrum stopped by with prizes for the girls from her trip to the M&M store.

They are spoiled.