Celebrating 73 Years of Mama Jan

We celebrated 73 years of my pretty mama last night!

Scott drew her a card depicting her youthful days, back when she had to change pipe on the farm.

One of these pictures are not like the other.
This one 👇  includes our almost newest member of the family.

Gathering 30 people for a photo is not as easy as it looks.

Madi is Tricia's daughter and she and Austin are getting married in May!

Cousins (and uncles) that game together stay together...

Who can resist 2nd dinner?
Especially when it's Lucky Charms.

Now's as good as any time to tell you, our favorite neighbors are moving.
Jenna and Dakota close on a beautiful new town home next week.
They'll be minutes from Em and Garren so it will be nice for them to be able to carpool for the loooong drive to our house for Sunday dinners 😉.

Grandma Jan requested haystacks, heath cake and lemon cake.

Natalie and Cardston were in town and it was so fun to have them join us!

I bet mama Linda and papa Dave had no idea the joy all those Chevron cars would bring to future generations.

This is the very cute Ona. 
Her mom is Mickayla Ona and both are named after mama Jan's mama, Ona Moon.

Thomas (we all know who he's named after), played with those cars most of the night.

Mickayla brought their golden doodle, Mozzie, and he and Georgia were fast friends.
Looks like they created a dirt heart together on my door.

So fun to have 5 of the 7 of us gathered to celebrate our amazing mom!

So grateful for her and wish her a healthy year (no more climbing onto ledges mom) filled with all the good things!


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