Monday, January 07, 2019

Missionary Monday - Olney Week 14

Good Morning!

So last Monday was new years eve, we didn't have a lot going on that night other than Milagro and going to Outback, it was pretty fun though.

Tuesday, I couldn't remember what happened on Tuesday so I looked in my journal and it says "today was a snoozer, whole lotta nothing." So I guess I'll have to leave it at that 😂

Wednesday we did a bunch of finding in Gaithersburg, we found an inactive couple that have like 3 kids who aren't members. We were getting to know the lady and turns out everything was going great until she learned about how we do baptisms for the dead. She just couldn't wrap her mind around it. We taught about it with the plan of salvation and thought we did a good job helping her understand, then set a return appointment to teach the kids too. Then we went to the car, turns out she's already been visited and taught about baptisms for the dead 5 times in the last 2 years... D'oh. And she snubbed us on the return appointment 💩 On the way back we got stuck in traffic on the only road that connects Olney and Gaithersburg, 2 hours! That was a cherry on top 🎂

Thursday a member from Gaithersburg wanted us to go visit her friend that owns a Peruvian restaurant, at her restaurant... We were given no specific details other than to ask for Maria... 😂 So we do it, shes like "Yeah I'm working but come back Saturday at this time, I'll be here". Spoiler alert, she wasn't there Saturday. Later we met with the ward mission leader and he ordered pizza, that was cool. That night we went tracting, the last door we knock on the door and a guy opens the door and says "Tell me the one verse I need to know in order to be saved." This dude. 😂 He was begging me to say it but I tried to dodge the question since the whole look and live thing is a pointless conversation. He gives us a hard time about it but turns out to be a pretty cool guy, he let's us in and we teach the restoration. At the end he says "Do you realize how crazy all this that you're telling me sounds?" He might be the first person I've taught that has actually listened to the words that were coming out of our mouths, that should be everyone's reaction. We tell him we know and explain how he can know too. He loved The Book of Mormon and wanted to come to church. So that was cool. However he spoke only English so we referred him.

Friday we had district council, finding teaching, it was pretty good. At night we exchanged with the Moville elders and I went with Elder Probert to Moville.

Saturday Elder Probert had like 6 lessons already planned for the day, but almost none of them happened. So we found ourselves tracting in the morning. I had told him about the way Elder Navarro and I have been tracting and he was into it so he started doing it too. The third door we knock on an old lady with long white hair answers and he says "This is who we are blah blah blah, do you have 5 minutes we could come in and teach you about it?" She says "Yeah come in" We go in and realize, crap, there's probably not another man in the house. But, it ended being okay because this 60 year old lady in a dress was actually a man! We were freaking out a little bit. But, all of God's children need the gospel so we try to get to know him so we can figure out what to teach. This dude starts out super innocent acting like he had genuine questions about what we believe and stuff, but then it turns out he's like the smartest dude I've ever met and was a big shot scientist or something his whole life and he's trying to tell us how science proves that Moses never existed and how prayer is like a drug with what it does to the brain blah blah blah. He was lecturing us on everything he's ever learned it felt like. He was still acting like he didn't know what we actually believed thought because he was only talking about the Bible, so we bring it over to The Book of Mormon (because when argued reasonably its pretty hard to discredit it) And he's like "Oh the golden tablets you mean?" 😂 😂 😂 Then he goes off about how Joseph Smith was a criminal blah blah blah. He didn't give us a chance to talk. We tried to get out of there as soon as we could. He ends by going off about how we need to reevaluate our course in life and gets into how dangerous it is to believe the things we do. Which is interesting because according to what he believes at the end of the day we are all dead forever anyways so it shouldn't matter what we do or believe here anyways. So that was an awesome way to spend our morning... 😂 The rest of the day was pretty wack too. We had a lesson in the library with some lady and when we were trying to find a place to talk she ran into someone she knew and that person went off about all her problems super loud and the whole library was like "What the...." Then the lady we were with was like "Yeah, all you can do is just pray to the Lord". That was one of those moments where you feel like you're watching it in 3rd person but you're actually apart of it and everyone else is watching you. Super awkward. The lesson went well though.

Sunday we got a call from hermano Merma and he wanted us to go with him before church to give a blessing to one of his nonmember friends. So we met him at his house. Then he drives us to the place and parks in front of that Peruvian restaurant I talked about earlier, we asked what her name was and he said "Maria, she owns this restaurant." Whaaaaaat. It was the same lady! She was referred by two different members from two different wards in one week! Wild. We did the blessing and right after she's like "When is the soonest you can come and teach me?" So we will be meeting with her tomorrow morning 🤞🏾 That was cool. 2 hour church was weird, but it went well. Everyone seemed to have actually done Come Follow Me so that was good. The rest of the day we did a bunch of finding but no good stories 🤷🏾‍♂️

Today we have the usual, we might go to the chapel and play basketball or something. Hope you all had a great week and I look forward to hearing from you!

Elder Beck

Elder Basso changed the district Facebook group picture to a picture of just the missionaries in his ward so we fixed it. 
Last time with Milagro probably ever 😢