Thursday, August 10, 2017

Good Times at the Gorge - Part 1

This trip was fun from start to finish!
When the girls weren't in the water they were playing card games.  Rachel LOVES card games so she gets along great with the sisters.  She introduced them to Sleeping Queens and they love it.  If you come to the house you'll get asked by Lilly if you want her to teach you how to play it.  Also, just be warned that Lilly likes to cheat.  I heard her tell Julia the other day, "My dad says if you aren't cheatin you aren't tryin".  And then Julia says, "Oh ya, I always cheat".  True story.

Kara brought a bunch of water balloons and her go-pro.  That girl knows how to have a good time.  And whoever invented these quick fill water balloons was a genius.

My BFF Marci and her family came too.
This was their first trip to the Gorge and I don't think it will be their last.  They loved it!

One thing I love about Flaming Gorge is the weather.
It's warm in the day and cool in the evenings.  We spent all our evenings outside.  The kids played games, the adults shot the breeze, and one night Marci and I entertained the group with songs from our childhood--our favorite being "Nobody".  You know, that one about the husband who was cheating on his wife with Nobody.  We also attempted to recreate our 6th grade talent show performance of Thriller.  The kids couldn't look away.

August isn't quite as hot for fishing as June but we did okay and Lilly caught the most night fishing!

Rhett demonstrating how to tie a fast fly.

One night Janie shook that tree out our window and covered the ground with crab apples for the Cantaloupe (most call them Antelope).  Her plan worked and when she woke up they were eating her crab apples.

Marci and Rhett have a surfing boat.  Estabon has never surfed, but he wake boards.  He figured out the surfing thing right away.

We are all going to miss those awesome tan lines he's sported all summer.

Rachel was pretty good too!