Monday, July 17, 2017

A Quick Road Trip

We took a road trip to St George over the weekend to deliver Beau and Aubrey to Jackson.
He drove from Mesa to meet us there.

Since Kloe is now a driver in training we decided to bring her along so she could get in some drive time on the way home.  And she's always a great source of entertainment so that was a perk too.

It was 110 degrees down south so we spent Friday afternoon inside watching sleeping through Dr Strange and Friday night watching the The Great British Bake Off.
Gracie's been telling us how great it is for months.  I gotta say, we were into it.

It was a quick trip but we managed to work in the Honolulu Grill, Swig cookies, a visit with Grandpa Moon (more on that later) and some fishing.  

We came home Saturday afternoon and Kloe drove like a semi-pro.  She learned how to use the cruise control, how to pass, and how not to drive 60 mph when the speed limit is 80.

Gracie was away at Brighton Beehive Camp all week.  Last night she gave us a family night lesson about some of the stuff she learned at camp.  The theme was Faith in Him and she taught us about how we can have greater faith in Christ and the blessings that come from having faith in Him.