Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Perfect Set-Up

We spent a few days with Jackson and Aubrey in Mesa.
We were able to do baptisms in the Gilbert Temple and this time I got to do them too!  (Thanks Aubs for watching the girls.)

Dakota baptized his Mama for 6 people who died without baptism.
Before it was my turn I was able to stand at the top of the baptism font and watch each of my kids be baptized by either Jackson or Dakota.  I can't even explain how full my heart was.

Izzy came too.  She hurt her knee playing basketball the night before and we just found out she needs to have surgery.  Such a bummer.

Izzy introduced the kids to Mesa's favorite soda place and we had a fun barbecue and swim party with the Sollis family.

Did I mention my Dad came along for the trip?!
He flew down the day we arrived.
He has had a lot of bad weeks so we weren't sure if he'd be able to come.  We fasted and prayed for him the weeks leading up to the trip and Kevin and Dakota gave him a priesthood blessing.  Our prayers were answered and my Dad did so well the entire trip.  He felt better than he has in a long time.  We were so thankful he could join us.  
Prayers work.

The following day my Dad and all my adult children were able to join Kevin and I for a session in the Gilbert temple.  Every temple is so unique and I loved everything about this one.  This was extra special because my Dad was too sick to come when Emmy and Dakota received their endowment last month.  
There are 4 ordinances we do in the temple:
Each of these ordinances are first done for ourselves and then as we return to the temple we do them for those who have died without having received them.  We make covenants with God and Christ and when we are sealed to our spouse and family we make covenants with them as well.  We are given blessings and promises not just for this life but for eternity.  The blessings are beautiful and hearing them over and over strengthens my testimony and my commitment to Christ.  Christ wants all to receive these blessings, which is why he makes them available to everyone.  Those who have died can choose whether or not they want to accept them.  Another reason I love to do temple work is the teaching that goes on in the temple.  It is God's school of learning.

This was taken Sunday night at the Auto Zone.
For months now our car has been having some issues with starting.  It usually hesitates before starting and every once in a while takes a couple of tries to get it started.  But as luck would not have it, every time we had it looked at it started fine.  When we had the starter checked at Auto Zone a few weeks ago it was fine.  Traveling to Mexico with possible potential car trouble es no bueno.  
Kevin prayed that should we have a problem with the car, it would happen before we went to Mexico.  Again, prayers work because when he went out to start the car to go to church the Sunday before we were to leave it wouldn't start.  His friend who is a mechanic thought it was probably the ignition switch so Sunday night we bought an ignition switch, googled how to replace it and he and Jax went to work with me and my brother there for support.

I could not believe how busy the Auto Zone was at 10 on a Sunday night.

Long story short, after hours of taking things apart and replacing the ignition switch, it didn't work.
Bobby and Kevin towed the car to the shop Monday morning and it took them forever to trouble shoot what was wrong.  In the end it WAS the starter and trying to fix it ourselves cost us an extra $300.  The car wasn't done until Wednesday.  I guess the lesson here was don't break the sabbath and leave it to the professionals.  Thank goodness Bobby and Steph are a 5 car family and loaned us their 8-seater Tahoe so we could make it to Mexico Monday.

Jax and Aubrey have the perfect set-up for company and Aubrey spoiled us with her good cooking!
We had the entire upstairs with plenty of room to sleep and our own bathroom.
Occasionally Estabon had to wait his turn though.