Tuesday, May 30, 2017

In the Temple Together

Saturday Dakota received his temple endowment in the Bountiful Temple.

It was pretty great to be in the temple together with Kevin, Dakota and Emmy.  Getting our children to the temple is why we do all that we do.  Jesus Christ, living his gospel, and making and keeping temple covenants bring us peace and joy and help keep our focus on the bigger picture.  
Kevin's parents, Steve, and my mom were also able to join us.  We missed my dad.  May has been a rough month for him.  The drug he's currently taking for his cancer is working well to bring his PSA down but his body is still fighting a battle every day and it wears him out.  
After the endowment session we sealed Mama Linda's parents to each other and then Mama Linda was sealed to her parents.  Kevin and Emmy were proxies for Linda's parents.   It was sweet to witness and what a special way for Dakota and Emmy to see a temple sealing for the first time.