Monday, May 22, 2017

Anne Murray and John Denver

I tried sushi for the first time over the weekend.  I'm told by some of my sushi loving family members that it didn't count since I got it from the Sam's Club.  I am not a fan of fish so when I saw they only had cucumber and avocado I gave them a try.  Kev's pizza was better. 

These two squeezed in one more High School dance over the weekend.
Rachel took Esty to Sr Ball.

I asked her where she was taking him for dinner and she said, "Panda Express".  She knows my Estabon so well.

Saturday was a pretty busy day.
We started with Mama Linda's traditional birthday breakfast.
When you turn 70 you deserve 2 birthday breakfasts.
Gracie helped me with a pancake bar and made this delicious buttermilk caramel syrup that was SO GOOD.  Too bad you can't hear the Anne Murray and John Denver music playing in the background.  We can thank Mama Linda and Papa Dave for the family's love of Anne Murray and John Denver.

Later in the day my presidency and I had a thank you luncheon for all the young women leaders in the Stake.  Our hope was that the women would feel loved, appreciated and inspired.  I think we met our goal.  I love working with and learning from all these women.

Saturday wrapped up with a piano recital.
My girls are so much better about practicing than I was.
Sorry mom.
They both did amazing and we sure love their teacher Joan.  She's the best!