Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A Big Banner

Last week Kloe took her Spanish AP Test.
Senior Blight has been preparing them all year.
Kloe has been stressing about this test for weeks.

The night before the test her dad gave her a blessing and Lilly chose the perfect family night activity to help calm Kloe's nerves.
Lilly's lesson was about all of Jesus's beautiful creations on the earth, then she had us make a big banner with some of his creations.

Kloe is a really good artist and spent about an hour drawing on the banner.  It was the perfect stress reliever.

After Kloe's AP test Grandma Jan and Papa Tom picked her up and took her to lunch at Chick Fil A (that's her favorite) and they talked it out.  Mama Jan is the perfect person to talk things out with.  She's also the best cheer leader.  If you're feeling bad about yourself you just need to go talk to Mama Jan. 
Kloe felt good about how she did and she'll get her results the first week in July.