Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Petrified Forest

Monday we went to see the never before heard of (at least I'd never heard of it)...

We stopped on our way to see the Snowflake Arizona temple.
Baptisms in the Snowflake temple was on our to do list until we found out it was closed all week for cleaning.

Lilly passed the time in the car by writing notes to her sisters.
I'll translate below.

Kloe you are my favorite sister.

Gracie you are my medium sister.
The sister status with Lilly changes from time to time throughout any given day.

The petrified wood was pretty cool.

The cold and wind was not so cool.
There was this forest ranger in the gift shop who talked EXACTLY like my dad.  He not only sounded like him but he also said things my dad would say.  It was cool and a little creepy.

This baby was a trooper!
3 month old Beau is such a sweet happy baby and a great little traveler.