Monday, March 06, 2017

Basketball and Hot Drinks

Estabon loves church basketball.
I still remember years ago when Jackson and Dakota were both playing on the same team and they won Region.  Dakota was only 12 and thought it was the greatest thing ever!
Friday night he had a Region play-off game and it wasn't looking very good for Esty's team during the 1st half but they pulled it together during the 2nd and came back for the win!  Estabon did everything his Dad told him to do and he did awesome! The lady behind us was SO impressed that Dakota could understand all of Kevin's basketball sign language.

Esty had on his lucky tights...

Aunt Megan took the girls to see The Little Mermaid play Saturday night.  They loevd it and Janie was especially impressed with all the treats Meg could fit in her purse.

Last night we had dinner and family night with Johanna.
Janie taught us about the Word of Wisdom and when we read the part about hot drinks not being for the belly Lilly asked if it she could still drink hot chocolate.  She looked a little worried for a minute there.